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The following article explains which sections you are able to control via access rights in Personio and what effect the settings you make have on the viewing and editing options available to your employees.

Only administrators are authorized to configure access rights. To do this, navigate to Settings > Employee roles > Access rights.

Please note that access rights are divided into viewing, proposal and editing rights. For further information on access rights and sections, please click here.


Personal Data

This section refers to the Personal info tab in the employee profile. You can define specific access rights for each section separately. Future changes can only be made by persons who have editing rights.




Define access rights to the Salary tab in the employee profile.




Define access rights to the Attendance tab in the employee profile.

If you grant employees editing or proposal rights, they are able to enter their daily working hours independently in the attendance list. If an approval process is set up for the proposal right, entries need to be confirmed before they can be saved.

Please note that employees are able to edit their overtime balance if they have been granted editing rights.




This section refers to the Documents tab in the employee profile. Define separate access rights for each category of documents.

If you assign viewing rights, employees are able to download documents. Proposal rights also allow them to upload documents, and editing rights enable them to use document templates and delete documents as well.




Define access rights to the Onboarding tab in the employee profile.

Employees who should be able to see and complete only those onboarding to-dos that have been assigned to them will not require viewing or editing rights.



Performance Data

Define access rights to the Performance tab in the employee profile.

To be able to write or edit feedback, an employee needs edit rights for the Performance data. However, an employee can see the feedback that was published by someone else in their own profile if they have at least a view right. With this right, they wouldn't be able to edit feedback.



Manage Accounts

Define access rights to the Manage accounts section in the employee profile and to custom Reminders relating to individual employees.

Editing rights allow employees to send invitation emails or emails for resetting a password. Administrators are also able to assign new passwords to employees.



Data exports

Define access rights to export company data. Only employees with edit rights can request a new data export.

Please note that users with view rights for the data exports can see all generated exports, even if they don't have access to the data itself in Personio.




Define access rights for the Reports section.

Go to the Custom section to set up individual filters and restrict the data that will be displayed in reports.




Define access rights to the Absence tab in the employee profile. Please note that editing rights do not allow absence accrual policies to be changed. Contact your administrator if you wish to do this.



Employee History

Define access to the History tab in the employee profile. This tab is visible to employees if their role is assigned at least viewing rights for the Overview section. Viewing rights to the Detail view also provide access to a table listing past attribute changes. Editing rights allow new entries to be made in the history, or existing entries to be assigned new dates. Click here for further information on the employee history.

Please note that in the detail view, employees are only able to see and edit attributes for which they have both viewing and editing rights. Access to the detail view further depends on access rights to the overview. 



Absences / Balance History

Define access rights to the Show absence balance link in the Absence tab in the employee profile. This is where accrued days and manual adjustments made since an employee's hire date can be viewed.




Define access rights to the Payroll section in Personio. Access rights can be set individually for each subcompany.



Account Configuration

Define access rights to the individual sections in the Settings. Personio allows you to assign specific rights for the individual sections such as Absence



Employee Notes

Define access rights to the Notes tab in the employee profile. Employee notes comprise both notes and individual reminders. 

Please note that employees also need to have at least viewing rights for the Manage accounts section to view individual reminders.





Define access rights to the Recruiting section. By granting this right, you allow access to all positions, candidate profiles and the unassigned messages. Employees can also be integrated into application processes without this access right.

However, don't get this right mixed up with the access right for recruiting configuration, which can be set in the Account configuration.



Add Employees

Define access rights to the Add employee option in the employee list. Also decide whether you would like to grant the right to assign existing employee roles.



Orgchart View

Define access rights to the Orgchart view section which is accessible via the employee overview.


To access the Orgchart view, employees need viewing rights to the section Orgchart under settings > employee roles > respective role > access rights > orgchart.

Note that in addition, employees may need futher access rights to display the Orgchart view

In order to see other employees, at least viewing rights for the employee's public profile section must be granted. If employees on leave and their direct and indirect reports should be displayed as well, at least viewing rights for the section where the attribute Status is located (in most cases the section HR information) must be ganted, too.

If all filter options for subcompany (if activated), department, office and team should be available and the employee has no access rights for them, additional viewing rights to the sections where these attributes are located must be granted.


Custom Reports

Define access rights for the Custom reports section.

Please note that it is not possible to restrict access to certain reports only. Any employee who has access to the custom reports will automatically see all associated data, even if their employee role does not usually have access to a particular attribute.




Go to Settings > Employee roles > Access rights and then to Import documents to grant access to global bulk document uploads for employees with the currently selected role. 

Employees with this right are able to access the import section in your account and upload documents for all employees in your company. Note that access to the imported files is still determined by the access rights defined for the Documents section.




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