The Attendance Tab


This article explains how the Attendance tab of the employee profile is structured. To find out how to record and approve working hours in Personio, please click here.


The Attendance View

You can find an overview of all topics relevant to attendance tracking under Employee profile > Attendance. All attendance periods are shown in a calendar view. Under Attendance balance, you will see the employee's working hours for the current month. If overtime is to be recorded in the work schedule, Overtime and deficit hours will be displayed and the Work hours & schedule box will show the regular working days per week and the weekly hours as defined in the work schedule. 


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Attendance Balance

The time periods recorded in the attendance balance provide an overview of the current month.

Tracked Recorded, confirmed and requested working hours. Note that time entries that have not yet been approved or rejected will also be included here.
Current goal Hours that are calculated each month based on the work schedule. The target hours are reduced in the case of: public holidays, absence or employment start or end date during the month.

Hours that are left to reach the monthly goal. They appear as a negative balance, and they are eventually replaced by the message "Monthly goal reached".  


Overtime hours

If the work schedule requires overtime and deficit hours to be recorded, an overview will be displayed in the attendance view. Click on the button with the three dots (top right) to access the overtime balance. Find out here how to manage overtime in that section and how to convert these hours into vacation days or salary, if required. 


All overtime recorded within the month without deductions.

Month balance Overtime status at the end of the month, after overtime hours have already been compensated through either vacation days, payouts or manual adjustment.
Total balance Overtime balance since time tracking began.

Please note that depending on the selected overtime rule, the recorded overtime hours and overtime for the month may differ. For more information on configuring overtime, click here.


Work hours & schedule

The "Work hours & schedule" box gives you an overview of how many and which days of the week are working days for a particular employee. It also shows the weekly hours specified in the employee's work schedule. Click on the preview button with the three dots (top right) to view or edit a work schedule or to assign a new one. 

Work days The number of work days per week, plus a list of the weekdays on which they fall. 
Weekly hours The working hours to be performed during the week, according to the work schedule. 


The Calendar View

All topics relevant to attendance tracking are brought together in the calendar view. Depending on their approval status, working hours are listed as Pending, Approved or Declined. Along with working hours and break times, project hours and comments can be entered and viewed by clicking on the attendance period in question. With the Copy hour-function, attendances can also be copied to all or to specific weekdays within a month. You can find further information on project-based attendance tracking, how to configure the feature in Personio and how to report on project hours in linked reports in this article


Approved vacation and sick days are automatically shown in the overview and not counted as deficit hours if overtime is tracked for the employee.

Also, depending on the settings of your company's Personio account, overtime and deficit hours might be flagged with a purple clock icon. In case of workdays with no tracked time, the message No time tracked might also appear.

If too few breaks are entered into the attendance tracking, employees and approvers can be informed of the break rules. Recorded times that exceed the Break rules will be flagged with an orange warning triangle as soon as they are entered. You can find further information on Break rules and their impact on attendance tracking and approvals here.

You can find detailed information about how to record and approve attendances in this article


The Attendance Export

Employees who have at least Viewing rights for the attendance tab can use the Export button in the top right of the tab to create an export. This comprises a monthly overview and a detailed breakdown of the tracked working hours and break times per day, along with project hours and comments, in PDF format.




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