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In the following article, we will explain which areas in Personio you can control via access rights, and how your settings will influence the viewing and editing possibilities available to your employees.

Note that in the context of access rights, we differentiate between viewing rights, proposal rights, and editing rights. You can find further information about access rights and access levels here.


Employee Data

This section refers to the Personal data tab in the employee profile. You can define specific access rights for each section separately. Any future changes can only be made with editing rights.




Define access rights on the Salary tab in the employee profile.




Define access rights on the Attendance tab in the employee profile.

By assigning editing or proposal rights, employees can record their daily working hours in the attendance list themselves. If, in conjunction with the proposal right, an approval process is set up, entries have to be confirmed before they are saved.




This section refers to the Documents tab in the employee profile. Define specific access rights for each document category.

Viewing rights allow the download of documents; with proposal rights, employees can also upload documents; editing rights also enable you to use document templates as well as delete documents.




Manage Accounts

Define access rights for the Manage account section in the employee profile.

Editing rights will enable you to send invitations and password reset emails. Administrators can also assign employees a new password.



Data Exports

Define access rights for the section Exports.




Define access rights in the Reports section.

Via the Custom access level, you can set up individual filters to restrict the data that will be visible in the reports.




Define access rights on the Absence tab in the employee profile. Note that editing rights do not allow you to change the absence policy. Please contact your Administrator if this is required.



Employee History

Define access to the History tab of the employee profile. This tab is displayed for the employees of the corresponding role as soon as they have at least Viewing right for the area Overview. If you have the viewing right for the Detail view, you also have access to a tabular list of past attribute changes. With Edit rights, you can create new history entries or update existing entries. You can find more information on the employee history here.

Please note that in the detail view only those attributes are displayed or can be edited for which a viewing and/or editing right exists at the same time. In addition, access to the detail view is dependent on access to the overview.



Absences / Balance History

Define access rights for the link Show balance on the Absence tab in the employee profile. This is where the accrued days and any manual adjustments made since the employee’s start date are displayed.




Define access rights for the Payroll section in Personio. Access rights can be specified by sub-company.



Account Configuration

Define access rights for the individual sub-sections within Settings.



Employee Notes

Define access rights on the Notes tab in the employee profile. Employee notes are made up of notes and reminders.



Add Employee

Define access rights for the Add employee option in the employee list. Also, decide whether you want to grant the ability to assign existing employee roles.




Define the access right for the Orgchart section in the employee list.



Under Settings > Employee Roles > Access Rights, you can release the global document upload for the employees of the currently selected role via Import Documents.

Employees with this authorization can access the import area of your account and upload documents for all employees in your company. However, access to the imported files regularly follows the access rights defined for the Documents area.





Define access rights for the Recruiting section. By assigning rights, you will enable access to all job positions and applicant profiles, as well as the recruiting inbox. Employees can also be integrated into application processes independent of this access right.

Be careful not to confuse this right with the right that is linked to the recruiting configuration which can be set under Account Configuration.





Access rights can be defined on the Onboarding tab in the employee profile. No viewing or editing rights are required for employees to see only the onboarding tasks that have been assigned to them.



Performance Data


Define access rights on the Performance tab in the employee profile.




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