Preliminary Payroll in Personio With the DATEV Export

The following article explains how you can make your payroll accounting even easier and more automated thanks to our DATEV integration.

Note that the integration with DATEV Lohn und Gehalt works similar to the video presented here for DATEV LODAS.


Account Configuration

If you or your accountant use the DATEV software LODAS or Lohn und Gehalt for your internal payroll, you can create a DATEV export in Personio. Personio's integration then allows you to upload the data directly to the DATEV data center, without modifications, so that it can be imported into the DATEV payroll program .

Your Personio account needs to be configured for accessing the DATEV export, i.e. certain attributes need to be created or modified. This article explains which attributes these are for LODAS. You can find the attributes for Lohn und Gehalt here.

We'll be happy to make these changes for you. Please contact your Implementation Manager directly, or use our contact form to get in touch with our Service team.


Configuring DATEV LODAS export content

Once all required attributes have been created in your account, go to Settings > Salary & Payroll > DATEV LODAS/ Lohn & Gehalt integration to configure the information you wish to include in or exclude from the export for each of your subcompanies. You can find more information here for LODAS and here for Lohn & Gehalt.


Including Employees in the DATEV Export

Use the recently added required attribute Consider in German payroll to include all or some of your employees in the DATEV export, or exclude them from it. This attribute is most easily assigned by bulk editing the employee list.


Performing the DATEV Export 


  1. To create a DATEV export from preliminary payroll, go to the Payroll section.
  2. In this section, you can click on Generate export to create an export for each subcompany.
  3. This will open a window with the Excel export of the preliminary payroll and a second document: the DATEV export in the form of the LODAS.txt- or a Payroll_MM_YYYY_LuG.txt-Datei.

If you have configured accounting groups with different accounting periods, you don't need to create the DATEV export for each accounting group. Instead, all employees selected for the DATEV export are automatically included in the export. You therefore only need to create the DATEV LODAS export for one accounting group. If you have subcompanies, all the employees of the company included in the payroll will be displayed.


In the next step, you have two options:

  1. Use of the Lohnimportdatenservice
    We recommend that you use our DATEV integration for direct, 100% secure transmission of your data to the DATEV data center. Please refer to this article to find out how to request, configure and use this function. 

    Once the function has been set up, a Send to DATEV button is shown when a DATEV export has been generated. Click on this button to transmit your data directly to the DATEV data center, where your accountant will be able to process it further.

  2. Manual transfer of the DATEV export to DATEV
    Alternatively, you can download the text file and import it directly into your DATEV payroll program or provide it to your accountant. To upload the data to DATEV LODAS, go to Datenübernahme and select the option ASCII-Daten importieren. You can now upload the file exported from Personio and import it into LODAS by clicking on the Start button.


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