How Do I Record My Work With External Recruiters in Personio?


Work with external recruiters can be recorded in Personio in two different ways:

  • Option A: Create a separate recruiting channel for each external recruiter.
  • Option B: Create a separate employee profile in Personio for each external recruiter.


Option A: Create a Recruiting Channel for Each External Recruiter

  1. Under Settings > Recruiting > Channels, add a separate recruiting channel for each external recruiter:

  2. Agree with your external recruiters that all candidate proposals will be emailed to the inbound email address of your Personio inbox. Then follow the usual process to turn these messages into corresponding candidate profiles.
    You can find further information on processing candidate messages here.
  3. Next, enter the external recruiters' previously created Channels into the respective candidate profiles. In this way, you can clearly see the origin of each application. Use the Channels report to compare the performance of the individual channels.


Please ensure that the actual email address of the candidate, and not that of the external recruiter, is entered into the candidate profile when processing the emails. This way, you ensure that subsequent messages/candidate proposals from the external recruiter continue to end up in your Personio inbox.


Option B: Create an Employee Profile for the External Recruiter 

Another option is to create an employee profile for each external recruiter. This will give the recruiter direct access to your Personio account.

Please note that these fictitious employees are included in your billing package in the usual way and thus must be taken into account with regard to the maximum headcount for your current package.

  1. First, create the required employee profile. Make sure to give the fictitious employee the employment type External so that they are clearly distinguished from internal employees by the system.


    You can find detailed information on creating employee profiles here.
  2. In the next step, it is absolutely essential to define which access permissions the external recruiter should receive within your Personio account. For this, both the employee roles and the recruitment roles must be configured accordingly.

    Configure employee roles:
    Create a new employee role. Going forward, this role should exist alongside the All employees system role and include all internal employees. Give this duplicate role a name, e.g. All internal employees, and grant it the access rights that internal employees should receive in your account.
    Then configure the All employees system role as restrictively as possible. Only grant this role the access rights that are appropriate for an external recruiter. This is necessary because the role acts as a base role and is therefore automatically assigned to every employee by default.


    You can find instructions for configuring employee roles here.

    Configuring the recruiting role:
    In the next step, you can use the recruiting roles to specify which rights external recruiters will receive within the recruiting area of your account. Under Settings > Recruiting > Roles, create the recruiting role "External recruiter" and define the appropriate access rights. You can find a description of how to configure recruiting roles here.
    Then define the external recruiters as being the Responsible employees for the desired positions and assign the recruiting role that you have just configured to them. You can find details on this in the article Grant Employees Access to Applications via Recruiting Roles.

  3. Finally, send a Personio invitation email to the external recruiters.
    The recruiters will then be able to manually create candidate profiles in the system. In order to be able to track where these applicants come from, the channel must also be entered. This means that the processing recruiter should be noted in each candidate profile as the channel or source (see Option A).

Please note that, for Option B, a correct and cautious configuration of the employee roles is essential. If you need any assistance in setting up this option, go to the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers and contact our Support Team.




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