Attributes for the DATEV LODAS Integration

This article explains which attributes must be created and maintained within your Personio account to be able to use the DATEV Export and DATEV Lohnimportdatenservice.


Account Configuration

Your Personio account needs to be configured to be able to use DATEV LODAS integration. In addresses, the street name and street number need to be assigned to two separate attributes, for example, and certain selection lists need to be included in the employee information.

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List of Attributes

In our current first version of the DATEV LODAS export function, we are making the following master data available:

Field (DATEV LODAS) Mapping type / Derivation rule Attribute name (Personio)
Personnel number Direct mapping DATEV personnel number
Email Direct mapping Email
First name Direct mapping First name
Last name Direct mapping Last name
Name prefix Direct mapping Name prefix
Title of nobility Direct mapping Title of nobility
Academic degree Direct mapping Academic degree
Gender Direct mapping Gender
Birthday Direct mapping Birthday
Street Direct mapping Street
Number Direct mapping Number
Address, addition Direct mapping Address, addition
Postal code Derived mapping:

Value is entered in Postleitzahl if Address, country or Deutschland is empty.
Value is entered in Postleitzahl (Ausland) if Address, country is not Deutschland and not empty.
Postal code
Address, postcode
City Direct mapping City
Address, country Direct mapping Address, country
Place of birth Direct mapping Place of birth
Country of birth Direct mapping Country of birth
Nationality Direct mapping Nationality
Married? (marital status) Direct mapping Married? (marital status)
Hire date Direct mapping:

Please note: The hire date in DATEV always refers to the most recent employment period. The hire date in Personio is not equivalent to the first hire date (Eintrittsdatum) in DATEV.
Hire date (current employment period)
Termination date Direct mapping:

Please note: The termination date (Austrittsdatum) in DATEV always refers to the most recent employment period.
Termination date (current employment period)
First hire date Direct mapping First hire date
Notice pronounced Direct mapping Notice pronounced
Work permit valid until Direct mapping Work permit valid until
Residence permit valid until Direct mapping Residence permit valid until
Certificate of enrollment valid until Direct mapping Certificate of enrollment valid until
Social security number Direct mapping Social security number
IBAN Direct mapping IBAN
SWIFT Code Direct mapping SWIFT Code
Different bank account holder Direct mapping Different bank account holder
Tax identification number Direct mapping Tax identification number
Main/secondary employer Direct mapping Main/secondary employer
European social security number (ESSN) Direct mapping European social security number (ESSN)
Start of training Direct mapping Start of training
Expected end of training Direct mapping Expected end of training
End of training Direct mapping End of training
Job title Direct mapping Position
Highest level of educational Direct mapping Highest level of educational
Highest professional education Direct mapping Highest professional education
Contribution group health insurance Direct mapping Contribution group health insurance
Contribution group pension insurance Direct mapping Contribution group pension insurance
Contribution group unemployment insurance Direct mapping Contribution group unemployment insurance
Contribution group care insurance Direct mapping Contribution group care insurance
Social insurance group key Direct mapping Social insurance group key
Weekly hours Derived mapping:

Please note that weekly hours will always be evenly distributed across 5 working days.
Weekly hours
Contract end date Derived mapping:

If contract end date is empty, the value transferred is "unbefristed."
If contract end date has been set, the value transferred is "befristet".
Contract end date
Disability status Direct mapping Disability status
Social insurance group key Derived mapping:

If the social insurance group key = "109," the value transferred is "2 geringf. entlohnter Besch., meldepfl".
If the social insurance group key = "110," the value transferred is "3kurzfr. Beschäftigter, meldepflichtig".
If the social insurance group key is not empty and not 109 or 110, the value transferred is "0 kein Geringverdiener/-fügigkeit".
Social insurance group key
Main Salary Derived assignment:

If the currently stored main salary is a fixed salary, the value transferred is "Gehalt."
If the currently stored main salary is an hourly salary, no value is transferred to DATEV.
Main Salary

Derived assignment:

If both IBAN and BIC are stored, the value transferred is "5 - SEPA-Überweisung".

If IBAN or BIC are not set, nothing is transferred.

(No field in DATEV. Attribute used to exclude employees from the DATEV export, if required) Consider in German payroll

For the export function to work, the three attributes DATEV personnel number (employee number), Consider in German payroll and Entry date (current employment period) must be entered in the employee profile in Personio. The DATEV personnel number is used to ensure data can be unambiguously assigned in DATEV. You therefore need to store this number directly in Personio as a serial number that is unique for sub-companies. You can enter all three attributes either in the individual employees' employee profiles or import them in bulk via an employee data import. Click here for further information on importing employee data. 


Excluding Attributes

We suggest that you create all of the above-mentioned attributes when you do the configuration. Go to Settings > Salary & Payroll > DATEV LODAS integration if you wish to exclude individual attributes from the DATEV LODAS export.

Note that for attributes excluded from the DATEV export, no validation rules are applied to the attribute values. Any errors will then not be flagged in payroll.



Employer Attributes

Once the export function has been activated, a new tab is shown under Settings > Salary & Payroll: Employer information. This is where you need to store the Client ID and Advisor ID numbers from DATEV LODAS (for each subcompany, if applicable). These numbers are included in the DATEV LODAS export to allow data to be unambiguously allocated later on.



Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about attributes for the DATEV LODAS integration.

An attribute value is marked as faulty in preliminary payroll. Why is this restriction applied?
As particular fields in DATEV LODAS are subject to validation and certain values are not accepted, these have also been implemented in Personio to avoid errors in the downstream data transfer. Typical examples include the limitation to 30 characters for the Position, or the formatting of postcodes. To remove such errors, change the value for the respective employees to a valid value. 
What are the precise field descriptions for the DATEV attributes contained in the ASCII export?
DATEV attribute ASCII field description
Personnel number u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;pnr#psd
Email u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;email#psd
First name u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;duevo_vorname#psd
Last name u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;duevo_familienname#psd
Name prefix u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;duevo_vorsatzwort#psd
Title of nobility u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;duevo_namenszusatz#psd
Academic degree u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;duevo_titel#psd
Gender u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;geschlecht#psd
Birthday u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;geburtsdatum_ttmmjj#psd
Street u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;adresse_strassenname#psd
Number u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;adresse_strasse_nr#psd
Address, addition u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;adresse_anschriftenzusatz#psd

Postal code

Address, postcode u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;adresse_plz_ausland#psd
City u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;adresse_ort#psd
Address, country u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;adresse_nation_kz#psd
Place of birth u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;gebort#psd
Country of birth u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;geburtsland#psd
Nationality u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;staatsangehoerigkeit#psd
Married? (marital status) u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;familienstand#psd
Hire date u_lod_psd_beschaeftigung;eintrittdatum#psd
End of employment u_lod_psd_beschaeftigung;austrittdatum#psd
Notice pronounced u_lod_psd_beschaeftigung;kuendigung_am#psd
Work permit valid until u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;arbeitserlaubnis#psd
Residence permit valid until u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;aufenthaltserlaubnis#psd
Certificate of enrollment valid until u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;datum_studienbesch#psd
Social security number u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;sozialversicherung_nr#psd
IBAN u_lod_psd_ma_bank;ma_iban#psd
SWIFT Code u_lod_psd_ma_bank;ma_bic#psd
Different bank account holder u_lod_psd_ma_bank;ma_bank_kto_inhaber_abw#psd
Tax identification number u_lod_psd_steuer;identifikationsnummer#psd
Main/secondary employer u_lod_psd_steuer;els_2_haupt_ag_kz#psd
European social security number (ESSN) u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;eur_versnr#psd
Start of training u_lod_psd_taetigkeit;ausbildungsbeginn#psd
Expected end of training u_lod_psd_taetigkeit;vorr_ausbildungsende#psd
End of training u_lod_psd_taetigkeit;datum_ben_ergeb_pruef#psd
Job title u_lod_psd_taetigkeit;berufsbezeichnung#psd
Highest level of educational u_lod_psd_taetigkeit;schulabschluss#psd
Highest professional education u_lod_psd_taetigkeit;ausbildungsabschluss#psd
Contribution group health insurance u_lod_psd_sozialversicherung;kv_bgrs#psd
Contribution group pension insurance u_lod_psd_sozialversicherung;rv_bgrs#psd
Contribution group unemployment insurance u_lod_psd_sozialversicherung;av_bgrs#psd
Contribution group care insurance u_lod_psd_sozialversicherung;pv_bgrs#psd
Social insurance group key u_lod_psd_taetigkeit;persgrs#psd
Weekly hours u_lod_psd_arbeitszeit_regelm#psd
Contract end date u_lod_psd_beschaeftigung;arbeitsverhaeltnis
Disability status u_lod_psd_mitarbeiter;schwerbeschaedigt#psd
Geringverdiener/geringfügig Beschäftigte u_lod_psd_sozialversicherung;gv_gf_schluessel#psd
Main Salary u_lod_psd_besonderheiten;entlohnungsform#psd
IBAN / BIC u_lod_psd_ma_bank;ma_bank_zahlungsart#psd


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