Best Practice: Internal Communication


When introducing Personio at your company, we recommend also setting up a transparent internal communication process. This article explains how you can involve your employees every step of the way, during and after the implementation, and keep them as well-informed as possible.

The following internal communication recommendations are based on our experience of numerous Personio implementations in companies of various sizes.


Involving Important Stakeholders

When you introduce Personio, it will be to your advantage to involve important stakeholders, such as the works council, in the internal communication process at an early stage. Common target groups within a company often include:

  • HR management
  • Supervisors
  • Employees
  • Works council

Find out here how you can best involve the works council in the introduction of Personio.


Deferred Communication 

We recommend that you also include all of your indirectly involved colleagues at the appropriate stage of the implementation. Involve the HR department right from the start. The job they do means that they are the project's most important target group. For other groups, such as supervisors and all other employees, it is usually sufficient to let them know later on that you are introducing Personio and update them on the project's progress.

The graphic below illustrates the timings you could use:


Please note that the time required will depend on the size of your company, and the implementation of Personio may well progress more quickly.


Communication Measures

We recommend that you use various different communication measures in order to address all your employees appropriately. In the following overview, you will find some suggestions and inspiration on how to structure your internal communication. 

Target Group Communication Measure
HR Management  

Project Updates

  • As an important stakeholder, your HR department should be kept up to date and informed of each implementation step. You can also obtain feedback from HR managers on how to correctly map processes in Personio.
  • Recommendation:  one meeting every two weeks

HR Personio Training

  • Once all of the settings have been configured, and at the latest when the system is rolled out, we recommend a Personio training course for your HR department. The aim is to train the main users on how to use the software and apply the processes.
  • Recommendation: a half-day training course, tailored to the relevant user group

User Testing 

  • You can carry out user tests with selected employees during the implementation to try out and evaluate the settings you have configured and to obtain feedback. This builds trust and, in the best-case scenario, can create internal "Personio ambassadors" who can provide positive reinforcement for the system. 
  • Recommendation:  a one-hour user test with selected employees


Target Group Communication Measure

Project Updates

  • The Management Team should be kept up to date about the most important implementation milestones.
  • Recommendation:  an update meeting at the start of the implementation and when the system is rolled out

 Management Personio Training

  • Inform your supervisors about the tasks they can carry out using Personio, for example, approval processes, on-/offboarding to-dos or the ability to create reports.
  • Recommendation: a one- to two-hour training session focusing on how supervisors can use the software


Target Group Communication Measure

Announcing Personio

  • Allow enough time to let your employees know that you are bringing in Personio as your new HR management software, and communicate the advantages of functions such as Employee Self Service, document management or attendance and absence management.
  • Recommendation: provide information for employees on the introduction of Personio and the approximate schedule


  • You can use a newsletter for both the initial announcement and ongoing updates, for example, to let employees know when you activate new functions.
  • Recommendation: an announcement and (if necessary) communication regarding new functions

Personio Help Desk

    • Intensive support for your employees is particularly important after the rollout. You could, for example, set up a Personio help desk where employees can ask questions on topics such as personal data, vacation entitlements or Personio to-dos.
    • Recommendation:  offer Personio "office hours" on the rollout day and during a predefined time slot of 1–2 hours per week over the next few weeks, during which the HR Team is explicitly available for questions about Personio


Communication Plan 

We recommend that you draw up a communication plan to help you optimally plan and implement your internal communication strategies.

This will allow you to chronologically plan individual activities in parallel to the Personio implementation. An example communication plan might look like this:


Use our downloadable templates on the right to create your own company-specific communication plan.




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