Scheduling Interviews using the Integrated Calendar


This article describes how to schedule interviews using Personio’s integrated calendar. To do so, first ensure that your admin has activated synchronization with your company calendar so that you can use Personio’s integrated calendar. Click here for further information on this topic.


Creating an Interview

Navigate to Recruiting > Candidate profile > Interviews to create an interview. Click on Add interview and select an interview type. Then, add all participants to the interview. Ensure that you also add yourself as a participant so that the interview will be scheduled in your calendar. Optionally enter a preferred room to be booked for the interview. Finally, click on the blue Find time slot button to schedule the interview using Personio’s integrated calendar.


Please note that at least one participant must be selected before the button becomes active. Once the interview has been created, participants can no longer be modified from the calendar view.


Transferring Data to the Calendar

In the next step, your data is transferred to the calendar. The fields Date, Time and Duration can be left blank for the time being, in which case the current week view is automatically opened. If you enter a specific date, the calendar loads the relevant week. If you have already specified a room, it is also displayed in the integrated calendar view. The room does not need to be specified in this step, though; it can always be added and modified at a later time from the calendar view.


Calendar view

The calendar view shows events which have been entered for the selected employees and rooms. The employees and rooms the events relate to are flagged by different colours.

The following flags assist you in navigating the view:

  • Employee absences are shown as Personio absences. The absence type is not indicated, though.
  • Public holidays are indicated above the calendar.
  • Events with a duration of over 24 hours are shown at the very top of the relevant day.
  • The current day is marked in blue in the calendar, and the current time is indicated by a green bar.
  • The language preference defined for your account determines the day which counts as the first day of the week. For German, the week starts on Mondays, and for English on Sundays.

The calendar view provides the following functionalities:

  • Click on the arrows to navigate between weeks.
  • Click on the calendar icon between the arrows to quickly switch to a different week or month.
  • Click on a calendar event to access the detail view for the event.
  • To enter a new event, click on the required time, if available, and select the appropriate duration by dragging the cursor to the planned end of the event.
  • The selected time and room will then be added to the planned interview.



Scheduling and Rescheduling Meetings

Click on the Select time button, if you would like to schedule the selected time, and Personio will take you back to the interview overview. Complete the remaining boxes and click on Submit.  Personio then automatically sends meeting invitations and adds the event to the calendars for the employees and rooms concerned.

Please note that no automatic invitation will be sent to the candidate; instead, you need to invite the candidate separately by email.

Please note that invitations are therefore not created with iCal email invitations, but instead directly via Personio’s calendar API. This allows the selected room to be booked at the same time.Any notes added to the interview in Personio are also added to the calendar event.


Confirming/Cancelling Meetings

Once a meeting has been created, the following status responses can be returned for rooms and from employees:

  • Accepted
  • Declined
  • Maybe

The status is also shown right in the company calendar, as events are in fact linked.

The candidate will not receive an automatic email notification about the cancellation and therefore needs to be advised separately by email.



Configuring E-Mail Invitations

You will have already defined whether Personio should send calendar invitations for interviews in the general settings for your Personio account, in Settings > Recruiting > Interviews > Interview Settings.

Deactivate the relevant checkbox if you have activated calendar integration. Otherwise, participants will receive duplicate invitations.


However, this setting may still be useful if, for example, you work with an external recruiting agency, which does not have a company email address that belongs to your company’s domain, for example, In this case, you should leave the checkbox activated so that iCal invitations can be sent to these users.


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