Manual Publication via External Recruitment Channels


This article explains how to create recruiting channels and publish job openings manually.


Creating Recruiting Channels

To publish a job opening manually, first create the relevant channel you intend to use to publish the job in Settings > Recruiting > Channels. Start configuring the channel by clicking on Add new channel and store additional relevant information such as the channel name, type, and pricing type in the editing mode.

Personio automatically generates a tracking parameter for each recruiting channel from the channel ID. This parameter is used to track incoming applications.


Also create channels for your non-digital job ads, for example to keep track of applications received at trade fairs, ads published on notice boards or in print media in the candidate profile. To do so, enter the respective channel under Profile in the candidate profile.



To obtain an overview of all active channels for your job postings, navigate to Recruiting > Channels. This list shows each recruiting channel with the active job openings.

To create a new recruiting channel, first navigate to Settings > Recruiting > Channels. Create a new channel by clicking on Add new channel. Enter all relevant information while still in editing mode and complete the process by clicking on Save.



Manually Publishing Job Openings

As an alternative to multi-posting, you can also publish job openings manually. To do this, go to Recruiting > Job overview to open the relevant job posting under View job details and enter the relevant channel via Share with tracking link. Add the runtime of the ad in the next step. You also have the option of adding the URL for the posting. Next, enter the tracking URL manually in the respective job portal so that candidates are able to access your application form and apply directly via the link.


The tracking URL contains the tracking parameter for the respective recruiting channel; it allows the origin channel of incoming applications to be clearly identified.

See this article for further information on candidate tracking when jobs are published manually.


Adding Several Different Runtimes for Manually Published Job Openings

To add several different runtimes for a job ad, click on the job portal shown under Recruiting > Job openings > Edit:


This will take you to the detail view for the job portal. Go to Postings > Add to add different runtimes for the channel.Jobposting-Bundle2_en-us.png


Status of Manually Published Job Postings

All channels with published job ads are displayed under Active Channels until the respective runtimes expire. Go to Paused Channels for an overview of all channels with job postings that were either stopped manually or whose runtime has expired.

Four different statuses can be shown for manual job postings, depending on their stored runtimes: Planned, Running, Stopped and Expired.


More information on job posting statuses can be found here.


Activating Stopped Postings

To reactivate manually stopped postings, navigate to the job opening and click on the required channel under Paused Channels. Click on the Postings tab and click on Edit next to the relevant runtime. Set the status from Inactive to Active and enter the updated start and end date of the job ad.

Please note that the manually entered runtime for a job posting does not affect the actual runtime within your recruiting channel, which is managed directly via the respective job portal.

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