Create Reminder Workflows


This article explains how to set up one-time and recurring reminders in Personio to help ensure that you never forget important events.


What are Reminders in Personio? 

In Personio reminders are notifications displayed in the Inbox. You can create them in your employee roles to remind a selected group of employees about an event.

You can create reminder workflows for the following events, which are already set up in the system:

  • Probation period end
  • Hire date
  • Last day of work
  • Contract ends
  • Termination date
  • Last salary change
  • Next absence
  • Birthday
  • Visa expiry date

Tip You can also create a reminder workflow triggered by a custom attribute of the type Date.


Where can I see the Reminders?

By default, Personio displays reminders in the Inbox, which is accessible from anywhere in the tool in the right-hand corner. At the defined time for the reminder, the relevant entry for the trigger event appears in the Inbox of all employees who are set up as reminder recipients. You also have the option to email them a notification.

Tip For more information about the Inbox, visit our article on Global Task Management.


Create a Reminder Workflow in the Settings


  1. Go to Settings > People > Employee Roles.
  2. Under Roles, select a role and click on Reminders.
  3. Click on Add reminder workflow.
  4. From the Remind drop-down menu, select the employee role which will be the recipient of the reminder.
  5. From the about drop-down menu, select the trigger event. This is the event that the recipients will be reminded of.
  6. From the of drop-down menu, select the employees that will be shown to the recipients of the reminder. 

    The following options are available for differentiating between groups of employees:

    Group Description
    All Employees All active employees in Personio.
    My reports All employees whose direct or indirect supervisor is an employee in the relevant role.
    My direct reports All employees whose direct supervisor is an employee in the relevant role.
    Special A specific group, defined by a filter set for any attribute of the type "list of options". If the option own is chosen, employees receive reminders for other employees with the same option for the attribute. For example, with the filter "subcompany equals own", the employee receives reminders for other employees from the same subcompany.
  7. Select when you want the reminder to be sent. (How many days/weeks before/after the trigger event should the reminder be sent?)

    Reminders are displayed according to the following logic in the Inbox:
    ▶︎ Reminders scheduled to be sent before or on the same day as an event remain in the Inbox until one day after the event.
    ▶︎ Reminders scheduled to be sent after an event are automatically removed from the Inbox after a week from the date when first shown.
    ▶︎ If you don't want a reminder to be automatically removed from the Inbox after the above periods, mark the reminder as a notification with no expiration. Such notifications are displayed until they are actively confirmed by the respective user.

  8. Select whether you want the reminder to take the form of a Notification with automated expiration or a Notification with no expiration.
  9. Tick the checkbox next to Frequency if you want to repeat the reminder every year. 
  10. Add a note that will be displayed to the recipients of the reminder.
  11. Click on Add.


Manage your Reminder Workflows

Edit a Reminder Workflow

  1. Go to Settings > People > Employee Roles.
  2. Select a role and click on Reminders.
  3. Click on edit-button-blue-crayon_en-us.png next to the workflow you want to edit.
  4. Make all necessary changes.
  5. Click on Edit.

Delete a Reminder Workflow

  1. Go to Settings > People > Employee Roles.
  2. Select a role and click on Reminders.
  3. Click on delete-button-red-cross_en-us.png next to the workflow you want to delete.
  4. In the confirmation window, click on Delete.


Creating Personal Reminders

Employees can create personal reminders via Personal Settings > Reminders:

When you add a personal reminder for an attribute that applies to All employees, you will only receive a reminder for the employees whose information you are permitted to view or edit. In the example below, the sample employee will only be reminded of the Last day of work of the employees for whom he has viewing and/or editing rights for the section HR information, where the attribute is located. To find out how to configure relevant access rights, read our article General Access Rights.

The personal settings show not only personal reminders, but also all role reminders that apply to the respective employee:



Reminders linked to specific employees

To set a reminder linked to a specific employee, go to the employee profile, click on the three dots icon and click on the Set a reminder option. This allows you to set up individual reminders for any date without referencing an attribute.


To see the Set a reminder option, employees need to be granted proposal rights for the Notes section and viewing rights for the Manage accounts section through Settings > People > Employee Roles > Access rights.



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