General Access Rights


This article describes the general access rights and sections. It also provides a number of case studies.

Go to Settings > Employee roles > Access rights to define the access rights for each employee role in Personio. Individual explanations of the access levels for each section can be found in the respective information tooltips, which you can open by hovering the mouse over the information icon. For further information on access rights, please click here.


General Access Rights

Please note that access rights are divided into viewing, proposal and editing rights.


View This access right allows the respective data to be viewed.

This access right allows proposing changes to the respective data.

Note that selecting this access right requires that a corresponding approval process is set up as well.

Edit This access right allows the respective data to be edited or scheduled without requiring approval.


Access areas

Own This access area only includes the employee's own data.
My reports For employees who have been set up as supervisors, this access area grants them access to the data of all employees who are directly or indirectly assigned to them (for further information please read the section under the heading The Concept of My Reports), but not to the supervisor's own data. If the supervisor's data is to be included, please also select Own.

This access area comprises a specific selection of employees that can be defined using any filters by clicking on Custom. In special cases, such as "Department," the following can also be selected: Department is equal to "Own."


All This access area comprises all active employees except the employee themself. If they should also have access, select Own as well.


The Concept of My Reports

In the context of Personio, the concept of My Reports must always be seen relative to the reference person. This access area gives employees who have been set up as supervisors access to the data of all employees who are directly or indirectly assigned to them.


The following extract of an organizational chart shows the access area of the supervisor Felix Posch if the option My Reports has been activated for him:


Felix Posch has access to the data of Andreas Greif, Nora Haverkamp, Nora Maele and Susi Kaiser, but not to the data of Susan Holt, Leonard Marmann and not to the data of Felix Posch himself.


The Concept of My Direct Reports

An employee's Direct Reports comprise all employees who report directly to that employee. In Personio, the setting My Direct Reports can only be used for reminders. For further information about reminders, please click here.


The following extract of an organizational chart shows the access area of the supervisor Felix Posch if the option My Direct Reports has been activated for him:



Case Studies

Weakest access right


In this example, no access rights were granted at all. The area can neither be viewed (i.e. read) nor edited in any way.


Strongest access right


In this example, the strongest access right was assigned. Each member in this role is able to edit the area both for themselves and for any other employees.


Case study Own: Felix Posch


Felix has a role in which the access right Own has been activated. This means that the assigned right only relates to the person's own data.


Case study All: Felix Posch


Felix has viewing/proposal or editing rights for all employees. Since the access right All was selected, without Own also being activated, he has not been granted access to his own data.


Case study All & Own: Felix Posch


If Felix is to be able to view and edit both all employees' data and his own data, he also needs to be granted access to his Own data.


Case study My Reports: Felix Posch


Felix is the direct superior of Andreas and Nora H. He has access to his direct reports as well as to the indirect reports Nora M. and Susi.


Case study Custom: Department = Finance


In this example, the access area Custom is used. A filter is used to define exactly which areas the access right applies to. In this case, the filter was set to the Finance department.


Case study Custom: Supervisor = Felix Posch


This is another example of how the filter for custom access rights can be used. In this example, the access right only applies if Felix is the direct supervisor.


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