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This article describes which settings available in Settings > Company and their effects.


The selected settings for Currency, Time zone and Public holidays have important implications, which are described in more detail in the respective sections below. The information stored in these settings represents the initial default values for the company but can be overwritten for each office.

Click on Edit to be able to change the following:

Company name
You can find the company name in the top left corner of your Personio account, under your logo. If you use the recruiting tool, the company name will also appear in the sender address of recruiting e-mails (for more information, click here).

If you activated the sub-companies, you have the possibility to manage them in the settings. The sub-company system attribute is additionally shown in employee profiles and can be used for any type of filter. Also, the Payroll section generates a separate worksheet for each sub-company, and you can assign different access rights for each sub-company. For more information on sub-companies, you can have a look here .

Email notifications
Use this option to activate or deactivate email notifications for users. When this option is activated, each user is able to define in their personal settings the events for which they wish to receive email notifications, such as requests for approval or reminders. If this option is deactivated, no employee in the entire company receives email notifications from Personio.

Language Preference
The set language becomes the default language for the employees after they have been invited to Personio. Personio is currently available in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. You can also change the company language later, but translations in the new company language must be stored for all sections and attributes under Settings > Employee information.

However, your employees are able to change their language preferences for their individual accounts. Invitation emails and other email notifications continue to be sent out in the language defined by you for the whole company.

This is where you can store the currency to be used for your company. If you work with several currencies, you need to define a currency for each office. Currencies are shown in individual employee profiles (under Salary) and in the payroll. For more information on configuring offices, click here.

If you would like to use our multi-posting service for recruiting purposes, you need to enter the industry your company works in in this section. This is important for job portals. For more information on multi-posting, click here .

Time zone
This is where you can store the timezone to be applied to your company. If you work across several time zones, you need to define a time zone for each office. Time zones are significant for import processes and for sending email reminders from Personio. For more information on configuring offices, click here.

Public Holidays
Here, you can select a public holiday calendar created by Personio or by yourself. If you have several offices and therefore need several public holiday calendars, store your national public holiday calendar here. Then navigate to Settings > Offices to store your office-specific public holiday calendars. For more information about creating public holiday calendars, click here.

Email contacts for maintenance
The contacts stored here will receive maintenance notifications from Personio. We recommend that you enter a contact from both your HR and your IT department.

For email notifications, such as approvals or reminders, the Personio email will include your company logo uploaded here. The logo is also shown in the top left of your Personio account.


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