How to Transfer Applications into the Personio Recruiting Tool


This article describes the five fundamental options available for transferring applications into the Personio recruiting tool.


1. Personio Career Page

Candidates who submit their applications via the Personio career page are automatically created in Personio and assigned to the relevant position. Any information requested by you via the application form (e.g. name, email, documents, etc.) is then stored in the candidate's profile. To find out how to set up your career page, please click here.


Depending on how the notification settings are configured in your recruiting roles, you will receive email notifications of newly received applications.


2. External Job Boards

Candidates who apply via external job boards will automatically be created in the Personio Recruiting tool. This applies to both positions promoted via the promote function and manually. You can find further information on promoting positions here.

The external job board through which the application was received is displayed under Channel in the candidate profile. This allows you to keep track of where each application has come from.

The job board for all promoted positions published is tracked automatically. However, if you add a manual posting, you will also need to set up the tracking manually. For detailed information on candidate tracking, please click here.


3. Incoming Emails

Emails from candidates can be automatically forwarded from your company’s SMTP server to They then appear under Recruiting > Unassigned messages. Click on the sender of the message and assign the candidate a profile and a position. If the candidate does not exist yet, click Create application. You will need to fill in the candidate's basic data and assign them a position to create the candidate profile. If the candidate has already been created, you can click Assign, to assign them to an existing candidate profile.


Please contact your system administrator to set up automatic forwarding/redirection of candidate emails.

Click here for more information on configuring email preferences.


4. Creating Candidates Manually

4.1 Creating Candidate Profiles Manually

Go to Recruiting > Applications and click on Create application. Enter the candidate information and click on Confirm to create a new candidate profile. You can then upload the associated candidate documents.



4.2 Creating Candidate Profiles Manually Using CV Parsing

Alternatively, you can use CV Parsing to simultaneously extract information from up to 25 candidate resumes and automatically enter it into Personio. To do so, go to Recruiting > Applications > Create application and either upload the resumes, or simply drag and drop them into the window. Check the information and make any necessary additions before saving.

You can find more information on this and a detailed guide to creating one or more candidate profiles using CV Parsing in this article



5. Personio's Public API 

Once you have published positions from Personio to your company’s career page (click here for instructions), you will be able to transfer applications to Personio's Public API. The information transferred in this way allows applications created on your Career page to be assigned directly to positions within Personio, while corresponding candidate profiles are created in the Recruiting tool.

For technical details on using the Personio Recruiting API, please click here.




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