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This article explains which options Personio provides to publish positions quickly and easily on your Personio career page, advertise them on external job boards and use tracking links for external recruiting channels. These options save you a lot of time and work. You also have access to an overview of all your postings and can track where applications come from.


Publish positions on the Personio career page

You can publish positions on your Personio career page. To do so, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Configure your Personio career page and publish it. Learn how, in Step 5: Configure the Personio Career Page.
  2. Create a new position in Personio and publish it. The position will then be immediately published on your Personio career page under myaccount.jobs.personio.de. Learn more about Creating New Positions.

The Professional and Enterprise plans include the provision of an XML interface. If this option is enabled in Settings > Recruiting > Recruiting > Career page, published positions can be integrated in your company career page via XML. Learn more about Integrating Positions From Personio Into Your Company Website via XML.


Publish positions on external job boards via Multiposting

Once you have created a position in Personio, you can post the position on external job boards to attract candidates. To facilitate easy posting of your vacancies across different job boards, we work with GoHiring, our partner for the promotion of positions. The multiposting feature offers a variety of free and premium job boards and posting types. Here you can find a list of all available job boards.

Personio Multiposting offers the following benefits:

  • Personio will transfer the data of your position to GoHiring, who forwards it to all the selected job boards without you having to manually create an external posting on each job board.
  • Manage all position promotions in one place.
  • Automatic tracking of positions and candidates.


With Personio Multiposting, you have different options to book the position's external promotion:

  • You can book boards separately depending on your needs.
  • You can take advantage of the Personio Posting Bundles. These bundles are cost-saving promoting packages with specific amounts of postings on specific job boards that are tailored to your needs. Learn more about Personio Posting Bundles – Tailored to your Recruiting Strategy.
  • If you already have contracts in place with external job boards, you can store these frame contracts in Personio and use them with the Multiposting feature. Personio will then not calculate any further charges for the respective job board, and the billing for the postings will take place between you and the job board. Learn how to Store frame contracts with external job boards in Personio

Learn how to use Personio Multiposting to promote positions on external job boards.


Publish positions on external job boards via Auto-Posting

Position auto-posting is a feature that you can activate on account-level, not on position-level. When auto-posting is activated for your account, every existing and new position that is published in Personio is automatically posted on a range of job boards for free. This enables your positions to achieve a wider reach, especially internationally, and automates the process of posting a position on a selection of platforms. 

The following job boards can be selected for auto-posting:

By activating auto-posting for a job board, you automatically accept the job board's terms and conditions.

Learn how to activate Position Auto-Posting.


Promote without Personio – Use Tracking Links

If you promote a position on an external job board outside Personio (without using Personio's Promote function), you can create a tracking link in Personio for the position, and store the link in the posting of the job board. The tracking links direct candidates to the Personio application form and allow you to track which channel the respective candidate used to access the posting. You can then use this information to analyze the Channel performance.

For further information and detailed instructions on how to set up new recruiting channels and creating and using tracking links, see Using Tracking Links for External Recruiting Channels.




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