The Org Chart


The following article explains the Org Chart, which is located in the Employee Area.


What is the Org Chart?

The Org Chart offers an overview of the hierarchical structures in your company. It displays all internal and external employees with basic information in status active and leave depending on the access rights an employee has. Employees will only see the organizational structure to which they have access to. The Org Chart is filterable, and you can search for employees as well as navigate and zoom within the tree. You can also export either the entire or a filtered version of the Org Chart in different formats.


Navigating the Org Chart

You can access the Org Chart via Employees > Org Chart.

Note Employees with the status Onboarding and Inactive are hidden from the Org Chart. In addition, if employees don't have at least viewing rights for an employee's attribute Status and this employee is on leave, he will not be displayed in the Org Chart. If this employee has direct reports, these will also be hidden.


Display the Organizational Structure

In the Org Chart, all internal and external employees in status active or leave appear in relation to their direct supervisor. On each employee's card, their name, position and their department are displayed. 

Tip Employees on leave are still displayed in the Org Chart but marked by a gray banner on their profile picture.


You can look at the organizational structure surrounding certain employees, navigate per drag and drop, or open the tree lines of direct reports by clicking on a supervisor. The number of direct reports for each supervisor are marked in blue underneath their card. By clicking on an employee's name, you can navigate directly to their profile.

To display either a larger overview or certain parts of the org chart, zoom in or out via the zoom bar in the lower-left corner and via your mouse or touchpad.


Filter and Search Functions 

The Org Chart can be customized by filtering for certain attributes. In addition, the search bar on the upper left helps locate employees in the organizational structure. 

Example: Filtered only by subcompany Example: Filtered by subcompany and department
employees-employee_list-org_chart_view-org_chart-filters_en-us_png.png employees-employee_list-org_chart_view-org_chart_marketing_filters_en-us.png


Search for Employees in the Org Chart

Search for employees by entering their names in the search bar. You will be shown to the respective employee and their direct supervisors or reports. Click on the name of the employee to access their personal profile. 


Filter Functions for the Org Chart

You can filter for the following attributes, adding one single or multiple filters for the attributes subcompany (if activated), department, office, and team.

Note The filter options displayed are dependent on the access rights for the respective attributes. The filters will include only employees who pass the filter criteria and their supervisors, even if they don't pass the criteria.

Tip The filter details are saved in the URL. Therefore, you can save this URL in your browser favorites or send it to other persons to view the defined selection, if they are granted the same access rights.


Export the Org Chart

To export the Org Chart, click on the Export button in the upper-right corner. In the export window, you can then choose a file format and confirm the export. 


The Org Chart can be exported as a .jpeg-, .png- and .svg-file. The exported chart will be the exact configuration displayed on screen and will represent chosen filter options, if enabled. To export the whole organizational structure, make sure all reports are displayed. 

Note The zoom level chosen on screen will not be considered in the export. The exported image will always display the whole chart selected on screen.


Access Rights for the Org Chart

To access the Org Chart, employees need to be granted viewing rights to the section Orgchart view. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > People > Employee Roles.
  2. Under Roles, select the relevant role (for example, All employees).
  3. Under All employees Role, navigate to Access rights > Orgchart view, and grant the viewing rights.

In order to see other employees, at least viewing rights for the employee's public profile section must be granted. If employees on leave and their direct and indirect reports should be displayed as well, at least viewing rights for the section where the attribute Status is located (in most cases the section HR information) must be granted, too.

If all filter options for subcompany (if activated), department, office, and team should be available, and the employee has no access rights for them, additional viewing rights to the sections where these attributes are located must be granted.

Learn more about Access Rights in Detail.




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