How Many Signatures Are Included in My Plan?

Whenever you need employee documents or contract offers signed in your application funnel, you can get digital signatures from all parties involved. This article tells you how many signatures your plan provides for and how you can add more if required.

If you have subscribed to the Productivity Plus add-on, you have access to a limited number of signatures for documents you need to have signed. This option is available from the Professional Plan upward. The number of signatures you can use depends on the employee plan, i.e., the number of employees you have subscribed to with your Personio account. In the Workflow Hub and Workflow Dashboard widget, you can see at a glance how many signature requests you have pending, and how many of your monthly available signatures you have already used. Once you have used 70% of the available signatures, you will also see a warning on your dashboard.


How many signatures are automatically included in my Productivity Plus add-on per month?

Depending on the plan you subscribe to and the number of employees attached to it, your company can have a specific number of documents signed digitally every month. This contingent does not apply to the number of signatories applying their electronic signatures to a document, but to the number of documents requested. 

As soon as you request a signature for a document, your contingent is reduced by one unit. This also applies if the signing process is subsequently cancelled.​

Number of employees under your plan Limited number of signatures available
25 2
50 4
75 6
100 8
150 12
200 16
250 20
300 24
400 32
500 40
600 48
700 56
800 64
900 72
1000 80
1200 96
1400 112
1600 128
1800 144
2000 160


How can I access an unlimited number of electronic signatures?

If you want to have more documents signed electronically than you have in your contingent, you have the option of adding an unlimited number of signatures to your subscription. To upgrade, or if you have any questions about this, please contact our Growth Team directly via the contact form.

This subscription option is subject to the same termination periods that apply to other add-ons, depending on whether you have chosen annual or monthly payments for your plan.

The cost of using an unlimited number of digital signatures also depends on the size of the Personio plan you have subscribed to:  

Number of employees under your plan Unlimited contingent (monthly costs)
25 39 €
50 59 €
75 € 99
100 139 €
150 199 €
200 € 259
250 319 €
300 379 €
400 519 €
500 659 €
600 779 €
700 919 €
800 1059 €
900 1199 €
1000 1339 €
1200 1559 €
1400 1799 €
1600 2039 €
1800 2269 €
2000 2499 €


How can I increase my signature contingent for a single month only?

This option is only available if your basic Personio subscription is billed monthly. You will then be able to terminate the upgrade of the Productivity Plus add-on to unlimited signatures on a monthly basis, as termination periods for this option are the same as for add-ons in general. 
For any questions about this topic, please contact our Growth Team directly.


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