Global Search Function in Personio


To navigate through your Personio account quickly and easily in just a few clicks, you can use your search bar. Here you can search for people (employees and candidates), positions, employee roles, departments, email addresses, functions and settings, amongst others. This article describes global searches in detail.


Using the Search Function

The search bar can be found in the top right next to your company logo. It is directly accessible from any page within your Personio account.


To start a new search, click on the search bar and enter your query. Personio will suggest matching results as soon as you have typed a few letters. Either select one of the search results by clicking on it, or use your keyboard to select:

  • Arrow keys: Use the arrow keys to navigate between the different results shown.
  • Enter: Press Enter to select a result. You'll be taken directly to the relevant profile or function.
  • Escape: Press the ESC key to terminate a search. The search window will close without any result being selected. You'll stay on the current page. 

Use the Ctrl+K (Windows) or Cmd+K (Apple) keyboard shortcut to open the search bar directly and enter your query.

You are then taken directly to the employee profile or function you searched for.

Please note that the search bar only gives you and your employees access to those areas for which access rights have been granted for the respective employee roles.


Searching Functions and Settings

You can also use the global search to go directly to a specific function page. All tabs within an employee's profile, all pages of the main menu and the account settings, and all pages for personal settings can be searched.

Simply enter the name of the function page you are looking for in the search field. Functions are marked by blue icons in the search results. The page name is always shown at the top, and the path where the page can be found is indicated in grey underneath (e.g. Settings > On-/Offboarding > Onboarding steps). Click on the result to go directly to the respective function page and complete the action you would like to perform.


Please note that you cannot perform any actions directly from the global search bar.


Searching Employees

If you would like to access a specific employee profile, enter the name of the person in the search bar in the top right of the page. Alternatively, you can also search for employees using their email address, department, office, position or status. The search result shows the employee's profile picture, first and last name, followed by their position and department underneath.



Searching Candidates


If you are using the Recruiting function, you can use the search bar to access candidate profiles. Enter the name, email address or telephone number to be searched. The search result shows the position the application relates to underneath the candidate's name, as well as the recruiting phase the applicant is currently in.



Recent Searches

If you simply open the search bar without inserting a search term, you will be presented with your five most recent searches to keep them within easy reach. Click on the x on the right next to an entry to remove it from your search history.





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