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The following article explains the different options and views on your Personio Dashboard.


What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is the page where users land after logging in to Personio. It gives all employees an overview of their tasks and current events in the company, as well as access to for example their absences and employee profile.


Note that the displayed widgets and accessible information depend on the access rights granted for each employee.


Overview of the Dashboard

My Profile

The My profile area contains links to the employee profile, the Absence calendar and any pending requests for approval.


Today's Time Tracking

The Today's time tracking widget allows employees to register working hours for the day directly from the Dashboard, without having to navigate to the Attendance tab in Personio. It also displays the total of work time and break time already registered for the day. 

Start and end time for work and breaks can be entered separately and are automatically added within the Attendance tab, accessible by clicking on the My Attendance button. Personio also automatically deducts work from break time, depending on the predefined break rules.


A warning icon appears if the newly created time entry does not comply with the predefined break rules. Similarly, a clock icon appears if the newly created time entry generates either overtime or deficit hours.

Note that the widget does not allow to only enter a start time and then come back later to enter an end time — the complete work or break period needs to be entered at once. Projects and comments also need to be added directly through the Attendance tab.


My Absence Balance

The My absence balance widget displays unused leave entitlements at a glance. With a click on Request absence employees can request new absence periods.


The Workflow Dashboard Widget

The Workflow Dashboard widget is a simplified version of the Workflow Hub, which allows employees to monitor all the workflows currently available in Personio and to detect any overdue tasks. It only highlights the overdue tasks within the Workflow Hub.

The Workflow Dashboard widget consists of different areas for each workflow available in Personio: Onboarding, Offboarding, Approval requests and Active signatures


The Workflow Hub and its widget are only visible to admins and employees that have been granted view rights for the Workflow Overview subsection. For further information on how to grant access rights, read our article Access Rights in Detail.



The widget displays employees currently in the onboarding or offboarding process. When hovering the mouse over a particular employee, Personio also shows the progress of the process in percent.


A click on the widget opens a list of the respective employees in onboarding and offboarding in the Employee section with the current progress displayed for each employee. 

The On/Off-Boarding widget is displayed for employees who are not administrators and who do not have access to the Workflow Hub and the Workflow Dashboard widget. In order to see the On/Off-Boarding widget, employees need to have at least view rights to the onboarding section of employees with open on/offboarding to-dos.


Interviews today

The Interviews today widget displays all recruiting interviews scheduled on that day. The preview shows the beginning and duration of the interview, the candidate's name, the position for which the candidate has applied, the organizer, and interview participants. The candidate profile can be accessed by clicking on the interview. In case the interview has a videoconferencing link, you can click Join videocall to directly join the call.


All Approvals

In the All approvals widget, employees can see the status of any pending approval requests. These are displayed in three areas:

  • Overdue approval requests
    This section displays all requests where approvals are more than seven days overdue.
  • Requests waiting for approval
    This section shows all approval requests for which the employee is responsible, including absence requests, approval requests for time tracking and substitute requests. An overview of requests (Open Approval Requests page) can be accessed and managed by clicking on the area.
  • Time tracking requests awaiting your approval
    This section shows all approval requests for time tracking for which the employee is responsible. An overview of requests (Time Tracking Approvals page) can be accessed and managed by clicking on the area. This page is also accessible through Time Tracking in the sidebar. 


The All approvals widget is displayed if an employee has at least one approval assigned to them. Administrators can see all pending requests for approvals, so they can approach responsible approvers in case of pending or overdue approvals. Administrators can also process requests globally if the responsible approvers are absent. 



The Tasks widget allows employees a full overview of pending to-dos and to manage some tasks directly from the widget. Reminders are accessible in the Inbox by selecting Reminders from the drop-down-menu in the top right. New reminders are marked with a red dot.

The Tasks displayed in the Tasks widget include:

Type of Task Task
Attendance Time-tracking request bundled by employee
Absence Absence request
Absence substitution request
Overlapping absence periods
Upload sick days certificate
Approve sick days certificate
Negative balance
Approve absence deletion requests
Employee data Attribute change request
Contract end date
Recruiting Feedback request
Review comment
Interview evaluation
Onboarding and Offboarding Onboarding and Offboarding To-dos
Payroll Review payroll information

Tasks can be accessed from anywhere in the tool via the Inbox located in the top right of the screen. For more information on the Inbox, read our article Global Task Management.


Company Shortcuts

Up to five shortcuts to external pages are displayed in the Company Shortcuts widget. A click on a shortcut opens the respective link in a new tab.


This section is visible to all employees once at least one Company Shortcut has been created. See this article to find out how to configure Company Shortcuts.


Your Company at a Glance

The Your Company at a glance widget gives employees an overview about their company's employees. The following information is available:

  • Active employees: the number of employees who meet all the following conditions:
    • Status is Active
    • The hire date is before the current date or could not be found
  • Currently on leave: the number of employees whose current status is On leave. This requires at least viewing rights for HR information; otherwise this section will be greyed out.
  • Joining this month: the number of new employees whose hire date is within the current month.


My Team

The My team widget provides an overview of a supervisor's reports. For more information on the term reports, read our article General Access Rights.


Out today

The Out today widget displays employees out of office for the day as well as the duration of their absences.

Only absence types activated in Settings > Work Hours and Absences  > Calendars > Absences are displayed in the Out today widget.



The Birthdays widget displays current and upcoming birthdays in the company at a glance. Upcoming birthdays will be displayed for a maximum of 5 days into the future.




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