Export of Company Data


In this article, you will learn how to export all company data and documents that are stored in Personio with just one click.

The data and documents exports will be generated separately. You will receive an email notification when they are both ready. This can take up to a few days.


Create the Export

Account Owners and Contract Owners can run a complete export of all the company data that is stored in Personio. Once the export is generated, the data can be downloaded as a .zip file.

To export the company data, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Organization > Company.
  2. Click Create new data export.

Once the export is finalized, you will receive an email notification that the export file is available for download.

▶︎ It can take several days for the export to finalize.
▶︎ The number of company exports is limited to one export per week.
▶︎ The file is available for download for seven days, counting from the day of the export. Once this time has passed, the file will be automatically deleted and a new file will need to be generated.



File Format

The company data is exported in at least two zip files. One file contains all documents, the other file contains all employee data in CSV format.

  • Documents: For each employee and candidate, a separate folder is created in the zip file, containing all documents sorted by different categories.
  • Data: Data actively and knowingly provided by the data subject, fall within the scope of the right to data portability. This means that any personal data provided by the user or made available to the user, such as all data from the personal profile (information, salary, documents, absences, attendances, performance, onboarding, history, etc.), are included in the export.

The data and documents of anonymous candidates are not included in the export, as they have already been removed from Personio due to the deletion of personal data. For further information, read our article Anonymizing and Deleting Candidate Data.

For more information on export options in Personio, read our article Creating Exports.




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