How Do I Perform an Import?


This article explains how to do imports in Personio.

Personio allows you to transfer various data into your Personio account.

The following options are available:

Only users with administrator rights can perform imports. You can assign administrator rights via the employee roles under Settings > Employee roles > Access rights. For further information on employee roles and access rights, please click here.

How to perform an import is described below using the example of employee data.


Uploading a File

To import data into Personio, go to Imports. The first step is to select the type of the import. In this example, we select the file type Employee bulk upload. Now click on Select file and select the Excel file with the employee data that you would like to import. Click Next to continue.



Configuring the Columns

In the second step, you need to allocate the contents of your imported file to the corresponding attributes in Personio. The left column reflects the titles of your columns in Excel. Now assign the corresponding Personio attributes to these by selecting from the dropdown options in the right column.

To make the allocation most efficient, the attributes in your Excel file should have names equivalent to those in Personio. Personio can then perform the allocation automatically, based on the identical names.

If there is an empty column in your Excel file or an attribute for which an equivalent Personio attribute doesn't exist, select the option Ignore from the dropdown. The attribute will then be ignored by Personio and not imported.

Once you have assigned all attributes, click Next.



Import Preview 

In the last step, a preview of your import is displayed. It shows which employees will be newly added, which will have their data updated, and which cannot be imported due to a missing unique attribute.


In Personio, the email address is always used as the unique ID. Therefore, you need to make sure it is included when importing employee data.

Note that any import errors will be displayed with corresponding messages at the top of the screen. Click here for detailed information on possible import errors and how to solve them.

If an error message appears, please fix the problem in the file you selected for the import and start the import process again. Upload the corrected file in Step 1 again, and perform Steps 2 and 3 as described earlier. If the import is completed successfully, you will be taken to the employee list.


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