Managing One-Time Compensations


This article explains how to manage one-time compensations for your employees. One-time compensations are one-time financial payments such as signing bonuses or severance packages.


Manually Adding One-time Compensations

Navigate directly to the employee to whom you want to assign a one-time compensation. In each employee profile, in the Salary tab, there is a column for one-time compensations. They are entered directly in the month in which they occur.


First, select a payment type or create a new type such as "Employees Recruit Employees".


Then, enter the corresponding amount and optionally a comment. Save the operation by clicking on the Create button.


You can use the tooltip to see what the one-time compensation is for.




Importing One-time Compensations

One-time compensations can also be imported. To do this, download the Excel template attached in the article, and enter all the one-time payments that apply. Fill in the payment type, the amount and optionally a comment. In addition, define the month and year of the payout. In addition, enter the e-mail address of the respective employee as a unique identification feature.

You do not need to create the payment reasons in Personio beforehand. These are created automatically by the import. Therefore, make sure that you use the correct spelling to avoid duplicate entries.

The import process into Personio comprises three steps:

1. Upload file: In your Personio account, under the Import section, upload the file containing all the one-time compensations. Select One-time compensation upload as the File type.


2. Configure columns: In the next step, the columns of your Excel file must be assigned to the corresponding attributes stored in Personio.

3. Preview import: In the final step, you will see a preview of the import. If you notice any errors, you can simply cancel the import and fix the relevant problems in the Excel spreadsheet.

We are happy to help you import your data. If you have any questions, please contact our Service Team.

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