Step 3: Importing Salaries


After importing the employee data and configuring the offices and departments, you can import the salary data in the next step.

The assignment of salaries to current as well as past employees can be carried out in Personio via an Excel bulk import. First, consider which employees in your company are paid on the basis of an hourly wage or a fixed salary.

For the salary imports to work, the language of the import file must match the language of the Personio account. For more information on how to change the account language, click here

Assigning employees' salaries

  1. First, download the Excel template EN Salary Data Upload in the download section, on the bottom right of this page.
  2. In the table, enter the email address for each employee as well as either the currently valid gross monthly salary or the currently valid hourly wage.
  3. For each employee, add the date from which the current salary is valid (usually the hire date or the date of the last salary increase).
  4. For each employee, enter the weekly hours.
  5. Save the complete Excel file.



Import of past salaries and weekly working hours (optional)

If, in addition to the current salaries, past salaries and weekly working hours should also be imported into Personio, simply add additional entries for the respective employee in the Excel template and set the corresponding date in the past, in the Valid from field. Please keep in mind that the current salary should be at the bottom the list. This allows you to save all of your employees' salary history, and easily track salary changes.


What should be considered?

  • The salary for part-time employees must be stated in the amount they actually receive (you don't need to adjust to 100%).
  • An employee can be assigned either an hourly wage or a fixed salary.
  • Employees whose salary should not be imported  (former employees for example) may be omitted from the Excel template.
  • When formatting the cells in the Excel template, make sure that salaries do not have more than two decimals.
  • Performance-based bonuses can be set up separately for each employee.

Assigning additional salary components

It is possible to enter additional salary components for each employee (e.g. Public transportation subsidy). These can be uploaded via the file type "Salary Upload" under the imports tab on the side navigation bar.




To assign additional salary components, download the following Excel template: EN Recurring Compensations Upload and fill in all existing recurring compensations. Enter the compensation type, set the payout interval, and determine when the compensation is valid from. Optionally, you can enter the date on which the compensation ends. On the recorded date, the corresponding compensation will then be set to zero. 


Before you can import the Excel sheet, the additional salary component must first be stored in Personio. To do this, navigate to Settings > Salary & Payroll > Recurring compensation types and create all relevant compensation types.

For more information on Recurring compensations, you can also check this article.


Assigning custom bonuses

You also have the option to assign custom bonuses. To do this, enter past or future bonus payments in the Excel template EN Custom Bonuses Upload.


Before importing the Excel template, you must create the flexible bonus as a salary component for the respective employees.

To create the custom bonus for your employee, go to the Salary tab of the employee profile, and click on Edit under the Salary components. Then, by clicking on Add bonus, you can select Custom bonus. Indicate when the bonus payment is valid from and which contractually agreed payout interval applies to the employee.



Assigning One-Time Compensations

You also have the possibility to assign One-time Compensation. To do this, enter past of future Bonus payments in the Excel template EN One-Time-Compensation Upload


You do not need to create the payment reasons in Personio beforehand. These are created automatically by the import. Therefore, make sure that you use the correct spelling to avoid duplicate entries.

Click here for more information on the import of One-time compensations. 


Salary calculation configuration 

As the last step before importing the salaries, you need to configure in advance the calculation of pro-rated salaries. To do so, go to the Settings and, in the tab Salary & Payroll, edit the section Salary.

Here, you have the possibility to set the Prorated salary calculation based on 30 days, or based on all days of the month. 


When booking the Personio Payroll please do not change this setting. In this case the prorated salaries will be calculated based on 30 days.


Import of salary data

The import process into Personio comprises three steps:

  1. Upload the file: In your Personio account, under the Import section, upload the file including the fixed salary and hourly wage of your employees. Select the file type Salary Upload.


  2. Configure columns: In the next step, the columns of your Excel file must be assigned to the corresponding attributes stored in Personio.


  3. Preview import: In the final step, you will see a preview of the import. If you notice any errors, you can simply cancel the import and fix the relevant problems in the Excel spreadsheet.

We are very happy to assist you in importing your data. Data checks are particularly helpful and save time and effort. Please feel free to contact our Support Team here if you are planning an import.


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