Configure and Use Recruiting Categories


This article describes how to organize positions by category. You can use recruiting categories to map different application processes, display your open positions clearly, and send automatic receipt confirmations. Read on to find out how to configure and optimally utilize recruiting categories.


Create Recruiting Categories

You can use recruiting categories to map different application processes, and organize and display your open positions clearly. You can for example create categories by employment type (such as full-time, part-time), seniority (such as Junior, Senior) or department (such as Marketing, IT, …).

To create a category, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Recruiting > Recruiting > Categories.
  2. Click on Add new recruiting category. Insert the name of the category in the text field, Category name, and click Save.
  3. From the drop-down-menu, select the Recruiting phases that you want to add to this category. You can adjust their order via drag-and-drop. For further information on phases, see our article Configuring Recruiting Phases.

    If you do not assign any phases to a category, all phases will be applied by default.

  4. If you have the Productivity Plus Add-on: Under Autoresponder, define whether candidates should receive an automatic receipt confirmation when applying via the application module and/or when applying by email. Select any email template you have previously created as the Autoresponder template, and choose the email signature of an employee as the Signature for autoresponder. Find more information on sending autoresponders in How Do I Create an Automated Email Confirmation of Receipt of Applications?.
  5. Click on Apply changes to complete the process.

You can create an additional category called Talent pool. Transfer any candidates into this category who you wish to consider for future positions. Learn how to create a Talent pool.


Recruiting Categories on the Career Page

You can group published positions by category on your Personio Career page to facilitate the job search for candidates. Go to Settings > Recruiting > Recruiting > Career page > Career page settings and under Group positions by select Category from the dropdown list.

It's also possible to activate a filter on the Personio Career page so that candidates can filter positions by category. Under Position filters, click Add filter and select Category. 

If you use position filters, the grouping of positions will no longer apply.


For further information on integrating positions into your Personio Career page, see our article Step 5: Configure the Personio Career Page.



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