Create an offer with a contract


This article explains how to create employment offers to successful candidates within Personio with a contract document, and send this offer to the candidate. If you don't have the Productivity Plus Add-on, learn how to Create an Offer without a Contract.


Create an offer with a contract

If you have the Productivity Plus Add-on, you can include a contract document in an offer. The contract document is created from a document template. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Recruiting > Applications, and select the candidate's application.
  2. Go to the Offer tab and click New offer.
  3. Then select Offer with a contract document.
  4. Under Template for contract document, select the desired contract template from the drop-down-list. 
  5. Then fill in the details of your offer. The fields are defined by the placeholders that you used in your contract template. Click Preview document to see a preview of the contract template.

    You can also Add an additional document. Any related templates must have previously been uploaded under Settings > People > Documents in the category Work contracts. Learn more about Configuring Document Categories and Adding Templates.

  6. Then click Save and continue.

You will now see an overview of the offer with the creation date and the status Created, and you can download the contract document as a PDF file. Learn more about How to Manage an Offer and its Phases.


Send the offer to the candidate

To send the offer to the candidate, make sure the candidate profile contains a valid email address. Otherwise, you will receive an error in the Messages tab. To inform the candidate of the offer, you have the following options:

Send contract document with e-signature

Make your candidate an offer and have the contract document electronically signed by all parties – a fast, easy and secure way to handle contract documents. Learn how to optimize your offer process by using electronic signatures.

  1. Select from the drop-down-lists who needs to sign the contract.
  2. Select the language of the default email that will be sent to all parties.
  3. (Optional) Add a message that will be included in the default email. 
  4. Click Send offer.

The offer will appear with the status Pending and a notification that there are pending signatures.

Send contract document as email attachment

Make your offer and send the contract document as a conventional email attachment.

You can also use this option to send the offer to the candidate without the contract document. To do so, simply remove the contract document from the attachments.

  1. Select an email template from the drop-down-list, or manually create an email for the candidate. 
  2. The created documents will automatically be added as PDFs in the Attachments.
    The attachment checkbox can be deselected if desired. 
  3. Use the field Drop files here for upload to attach any additional documents to your email.
  4. Then click Send email.

The offer status changes to Pending. The sent email appears under the Messages tab in the candidate profile. 

Don't send contract document

Make an offer and share the contract document in person. The document won't be shared with the candidate, and no message will be sent. Click Skip sending to move the offer to the phase Pending.


You can access and download the contract document at any time. To do so, click Show offer details and download the created PDF files. You can also view the files in the application under application-documents_en-us.png Application documents

The application is not automatically moved to the Offer phase; this has to be done manually. Learn more about Transferring Candidates Between Phases.



Accept the offer and create an employee profile

Once a candidate accepted the offer, click on Offer accepted. In case the position has multiple openings, you can select if you want to fill and close an opening. Then click Hire candidate.

If all openings of a position have been filled, you can archive the position.

A new employee profile with the status Onboarding is automatically created and prefilled with the attributes First name, Last name, and Position, as well as the system placeholders that were configured in the document template. Learn more about predefined system placeholders in document templates.



Is it possible to rename the document template before sending it?

Once you are creating the offer, you cannot rename the document template to avoid that the candidate sees the template name.

Can I attach further documents to the offer if I send a contract document with e-signature?

No further documents can be attached to the offer when using the e-signature feature.

Can I add further candidate details when an offer is created with a document template?

It is not possible to add further candidate attributes to an offer with a document template. The additional details will need to be inserted manually once the offer has been accepted.

Is it possible to store salary data for a position, that is automatically transferred when the position is filled and an employee profile is created from the applicant profile?

It is not possible to transfer the position's salary data to the employee profile. This will need to be filled in manually using the employee attributes once the offer has been accepted.

Is it possible to create a template for the attributes that are required when an employee profile is created?

When you accept an offer and create the employee profile, only the salary and start date attributes are preselected. You can manually add further attributes to fill the employee profile. However, it is not possible to create a fixed set of attributes that always needs to be filled in when creating an employee profile.



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