Creating an Offer in Personio


This article explains how to make employment offers to successful candidates via Personio and how to turn candidates into employees. This can be done with or without a contract document. 


Creating a New Offer

To create an offer to a candidate, go to the Offer tab in the candidate profile and click on the button New offer. You are then given the option to create an offer with or without a contract.

Note that through this action, the candidate will not be automatically moved to the Offer phase; this has to be done manually. 

Once the offer has been created, the New offer button becomes inactive and can no longer be clicked. You can edit existing offers at any time. Should the offer be declined, the button turns active again.



Creating an Offer Without a Contract

If you want to make an offer to a candidate, select Offer without a contract document. You can now enter details for the applicant. These will later be transferred to the employee profile if the candidate accepts the offer. The fields Hire date and Fix salary (Monthly) are already selected by default. Click on Add a field ... to select additional attributes from the drop-down menu. Save your changes by clicking Save offer. Note that if you interrupt the process at this point, the blank offer remains in the candidate profile.


Once you have entered and saved all necessary details, you will see an overview of the offer. The following functions and details will now be available:

  • Status: The status is initially shown as Created.
  • Creation date
  • Details: Click on Show offer details to see details such as Hire date, Fix salary (Monthly) and more.
  • Delete: Click on the trash icon to delete the offer.
  • Edit: Edit the offer you have created.
  • Send offer details to the candidate via email : Sending an email is optional. Check the box to send an email with the offer to the candidate. You can select a message from your email templates or compose it yourself. Use the field Drag files for upload here to attach documents to your email. The message is only sent to the candidate once you click Send email. After that, the offer status changes to Pending. The sent message appears under the Messages tab in the candidate profile.
  • Check offer status: When you click on Check offer status, the status changes from Created to Pending. You are then taken to an overview where you can either modify the offer or save it as having been declined or accepted.


Creating an Offer With Contract


Subscribers to our Productivity Plus add-on have the option to send candidates an offer including a draft contract document created from a document template. To do this, create your offer by choosing the option Offer with a contract document. You can then select your desired contract template. See this article for details on creating and managing contract templates in Personio.

This article explains how you can optimize your offer process by using electronic signatures.


You may find that placeholders for the selected contract are already filled if the respective details were stored in the candidate profile. However, you can edit the placeholders manually as well. A Preview document will open in a new window so you can check the document before the offer is created.

You can also add supporting documents. Any related templates must have previously been uploaded under Settings > Documents in category Work contracts.

Once you have finished entering all necessary details, you can click on Save offer. An overview is displayed that, in addition to the details shown for an offer without contract document, provides the following functions and information:

  • Work contract and supporting documents: Download the files by clicking the arrow, or edit them again by clicking the pen.
  • Send out your offer: You can now send the offer to the candidate with or without the contract. 
    • Send the contract as an email attachment: Choose this option if you would like to include the contract and related files when you email the offer to the candidate. You can compose the email yourself or select a template. The documents can be found in PDF format under Attachments. The attachment checkbox is selected by default and can be deselected if desired. This is useful if you would like to write an email to the candidate with additional information, but without contract attachments. Use the field Drop files here for upload to attach any number of documents to your email. Click on Send email to complete the process. The offer status changes to Pending. The sent email appears under the Messages tab in the candidate profile. 
    • Don't send contract document: Choose this option if you don't want to send the contract by email. Important note: In this case, you will not be able to send an email to the candidate. Click on Check offer status to complete the process. The offer status changes to Pending.

You are taken to an overview where you can either edit the offer again or save it as declined or accepted. Under Show offer details, you can access the documents and download them. You can also view the files in the candidate profile by navigating to Profile > Documents


Offer Phases

An offer goes through different phases. Based on its tag, you can see at a glance in which phase it is currently:

  • Created: The offer has been created internally in Personio, but has not yet been sent to the applicant. You can still add more details or delete it.
  • Pending: You are waiting for the applicant to accept or decline the offer. It is possible to modify the offer and to send it again, if necessary. However, to best document the process, the offer cannot be deleted anymore.
  • Declined: The candidate has declined. You can submit a new offer if needed.
  • Accepted: The candidate has accepted the offer and will become an employee. Personio automatically creates an employee profile. Any applicant details that have been collected so far are transferred to it. If the offer was created with a contract, the contract document is also stored in the employee profile.


Editing, Declining or Accepting Offers

Once the offer has been created with or without a contract (and the message to the candidate, if applicable, has been sent), the decision overview is displayed. Here, you can see how long the offer has been pending. You can have details of the offer displayed or not by clicking on Show / Hide offer details, and also view or download the optional contract document in PDF format.


From here, you have three options to proceed:

  1. Modify offer: You return to editing mode where you can make adjustments. The status changes to Created.
  2. Offer declined: If the applicant declines, you can enter this information here. The offer status changes to Declined, and you will be able to create a new offer to the applicant if desired. The declined offer can no longer be deleted from the applicant profile. You can still view the details, however. 
  3. Offer accepted: If the candidate has accepted, click on Offer accepted. The status changes to Accepted. The filled position can now either be closed, archived or you can leave it open. If you close it, the position status under Job details changes from Open to Filled. Once you click Hire applicant, the process completes and the applicant profile is automatically linked to a new employee profile which will initially be set in status Onboarding. The contract document that was created during the offer process is transferred to the Documents tab in the employee profile.


Deleting an Offer

An offer can only be deleted while it is in the status Created. Once its status is Pending, Declined or Accepted, it is no longer possible to document the process.


Accepting a Candidate Without an Offer

If you have already come to an agreement with a potential employee and do not want to make an offer via Personio, you can set up the employee without the offer process. Start by navigating to the candidate's profile. From the drop-down at the top right, select the application phase Accepted. You can now enter the hire date, fixed salary and further Attributes as desired. Once you save, the new employee profile is automatically created and displayed. It will remain linked to the applicant profile. 


Make sure that the profile contains a valid email address for the applicant/new employee, so they have a unique identifier and will be able to receive emails via Personio.


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