Configuring Candidate Attributes


In the recruiting section, you have the option of creating additional candidate attributes. You can also add these to the application form on your career page. To find out how to add custom candidate attributes to the career page, please click here.

You can also use recruiting roles to grant employees access to specific sections only, and thus to candidate attributes. In this way, you can actively involve your employees in the application process without giving any insight into wage expectations or other sensitive applicant data.


System Attributes in the Candidate Profile

First of all, consider which additional candidate attributes should be displayed in the candidate profile. The following candidate attributes are systematically set up in Personio:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • City
  • Birthday
  • Channel
  • Gender
  • Application date
  • Available from
  • Expected Salary

Candidate attribute information such as Name, Email, Phone, Location, Birthday and Gender are automatically transferred to the employee profile when the candidate is "accepted."


Creating Additional Candidate Attributes

Go to Settings > Recruiting > Candidates > Candidate attributes and click on Add new attribute to create any number of custom candidate attributes such as a LinkedIn profile, for example. Decide in which of the two sections, i.e. Candidate profile or HR information, you would like to create the attribute, depending on whether the attribute contains sensitive data. 



Managing Candidate Attributes

Finally, you have the option of differentiating between the Candidate profile and HR information sections. Individual candidate attributes can be moved between the two sections by using the drag & drop function.


Use the HR information option to make sure sensitive data is not visible to employees via their recruiting roles. To find out how to create and edit recruiting roles, please click here.

In the Candidates tab, under Settings > Recruiting, you can also create additional candidate tags that you can use to highlight candidates. For further information, please click here.

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