Step 11: Configuring Document Templates


Personio allows you to store customized document templates in the system. Using these templates will save you a lot of time and effort in everyday workflows. This is because templates include useful placeholders, which are automatically filled with the corresponding employee data whenever the template is assigned.


Create document templates

Store document templates in Personio and generate employee-specific documents on their basis by inserting placeholders, gender variables and text blocks for selection. You will need a word processing application for creating a document template. Personio supports templates created as MS Office or OpenOffice documents. For comprehensive information about creating document templates, please click here.


Navigate to Settings > Documents to store the completed document template in Personio. First click on Add template. Define a document category and the document language and name the template before uploading your Word or OpenOffice document (see picture).


Allocate document templates

To fill a document template with the data of a specific employee, first navigate to the employee’s profile and click on the tab Documents. Start configuring the document by clicking on the button Create new to select the required document template.


On the left of the next screen, you will see a list of all available placeholders and your customized text blocks for selection. This is where the data can be reviewed and completed as required. A preview of the final document is displayed on the right of the screen. You can save the document either in the original format or as PDF.


The document you have generated can then be accessed under the relevant employee’s documents in Personio, subject to the defined access rights.


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