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This article explains how you can add existing candidate data to Personio by importing an Excel file or using CV parsing. Alternatively, candidates can be entered into the system manually. Learn more about How to Transfer Applications into the Personio Recruiting Tool.

Note that you need to have administrator rights to import candidate data.


Bulk Importing Using an Excel Template

A bulk upload of existing candidate data allows you to import the data for any number of candidates into Personio via an Excel file. Personio automatically creates candidate profiles after import and assigns them to the relevant positions. This saves you a great deal of time and effort, especially when working with large data sets. To do an import, proceed as follows.

1. Record the Candidate Data in the Excel Template

First, prepare the import file as described below. 

  1. Excel download: Prepare your data for the candidate data import. Use the corresponding Excel template, which is available for download on the right. Each line in the template should be used for one candidate.
  2. Data preparation: Enter your candidate data into the appropriate columns.
    ▶︎ Mandatory columns: first name, last name, email, position, status
    ▶︎ Recommended columns: recruiting channel, application date [format: DD.MM.YYYY], application tags
    ▶︎ Optional columns: disqualification date [format: DD.MM.YYYY], disqualification reason, disqualification note, comments, birthday

    You can also add other custom candidate attributes such as salary expectations or the earliest possible start date to the Excel file.

    Note for a successful upload, these candidate attributes first need to be created in Personio.

  3. Data check: Check that your data is complete and free of errors. It is particularly important that your candidate data is formatted correctly and contains the same names as set up in Personio.


2. Import the Excel File Into Personio

Import the candidate data once you have completed all preparatory steps. To do so, proceed as follows:


  1. Upload the file: Upload the file containing the candidate data from the Import section of your Personio account. Select the Application bulk upload file type. Personio supports imports using the file formats .csv, .xls or .xlsx. Click Next to proceed with the import.
  2. Configure the columns: In the next step, assign the columns of your Excel file to the corresponding attributes stored in Personio.

    Note that the words Phase and Status are both used to indicate the stage a candidate is currently in within the recruiting process. However, during the upload of candidate data, you need to select the attribute Status in order for the upload to work correctly.

  3. Preview the import: Click Next to see a preview of the import in Personio. If any error messages are displayed, you can simply cancel the import and resolve the relevant problems in the file. Then click Import to start the data import.

We are happy to assist you in importing your data. If you are planning to do an import and need our assistance, you can contact our service team through the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers.


Bulk Importing Candidates Using CV Parsing

Tip rather than using an Excel template, you can use CV parsing to simultaneously extract information from up to 25 candidate resumes and automatically enter it into Personio.

You can find a detailed guide to manually creating one or more candidate profiles using CV parsing in our Help center article CV Parsing: Manually Creating Candidate Profiles From Resumes





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