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In this article, we will show you how to publish job openings quickly and easily on your Personio career page and on external job portals. Not only will you save a lot of time and effort, but you will also have a convenient overview at hand of all your published advertisements and will be able to see where your applications came from.


Publishing on the Personio Career Page

Publish a job opening quickly and easily on your Personio career page by navigating to the job openings overview under Recruiting > Job overview and clicking on Publish. The respective job opening is published immediately on your Personio career page under "{{accountname}}"

Use the filter function to display only those openings in the job overview that are relevant to you, i.e. those that you have viewing or editing rights for. You also have the option of filtering by category and position to refine your selection.


Only published job openings can be retrieved via the XML feed.


Publishing on External Job Portals via Multi-Posting

Switch to Recruiting > Job Overview > Show job details. Access the detail view for a job opening and click on Post on job portals, and Personio takes you to a selection of external job portals.

Free portals are listed at the top, and suitable job portals are suggested under Premium boards, based on the information entered in the job posting. Go to Further information to access information on the niche and type of job opening, as well as details on the Duration and Price of the posting.

You can filter the portals displayed according to the Price and Duration of the job posting. To do this, click the corresponding button above the list of job portals and select the requirements that should be met for your job posting. 


Find here an overview of the job portals available via Personio.

Use the check boxes to select the job portals on which you would like to publish your posting; then click NextNow you can review your selection and finalize the booking by clicking Place order.

Make sure that the payment details for your account have been entered under Settings > Plan & Billing > Payment details, so that any associated cost can be billed via Personio. You will also find all your invoices available for download at this location. See here for further information on the prerequisites that need to be met to publish on external job portals via multi-posting.

If you already have individual master contracts in place with any job portals, these can be stored directly in Personio. Personio will then not calculate any further charges for the respective portal. The billing for the publications occurs between you and the portal. See this article for further information on storing master agreements.

Alternatively, if your desired job portal is not available through Personio's multi-posting function, you may add already published postings manually. Use this function to have an overview of these job openings and to be able to track the application channel for reporting purposes.


Manual Publishing on External Job Portals

Go to Settings > Recruiting > Channels. Click on Add new channel to add a new channel. While in editing mode, enter all relevant details and click Save to finish the process.

For each recruiting channel, Personio automatically generates a tracking parameter from the channel ID. This is needed to track the channel for incoming applications.


Go to Recruiting > Job overview > Job > View job details to open the job position and select the desired channel by clicking Share with tracking linkIn the next step, fill in the runtime for the advertisement and optionally its URL. Then enter the tracking URL manually in the respective job portal, so that applicants are taken to your application form to apply directly via this link.

The tracking URL contains the tracking parameter for the respective recruiting channel; it allows the origin channel of incoming applications to be clearly identified.

See this article for further information on applicant tracking when jobs are published manually.


Position Performance

You can see which channel is most effective for your job openings by looking at the job details of each job opening in the Channel performance section. This pie chart, which is automatically updated as new applications for the position come in, clearly shows which channels applications are received through.

In the Phase section, you can filter the report to find out, for example, if applicants from certain channels tend to progress further through the application process than those from others.

The bar chart on the right provides an overview of the number of applications recently received for the position. You can choose to have the chart display the values for a period of four or eight weeks.



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