How to upload several documents at once via the documents multi-upload


This article explains how to perform a multi-upload of employee documents so that several documents get uploaded at once to Personio and automatically assigned to the corresponding employees' accounts.

If you want to upload a single document to a specific employee profile, read Uploading Individual Documents.


Name the file

Name the document file by using one of the following formats: 

      • Firstname_Lastname_Category_ddmmyyyy 
      • EmployeeID_Firstname_Lastname_Category_ddmmyyyy
      • EmployeeID___Category_ddmmyyyy 

        In the last two examples, the long bar (EmployeeID___Category_ddmmyyyy) equals to three consecutive underscore (EmployeeID_ _ _Category_ddmmyyyy).

        If you include Employee ID in the naming:
        For Personio to automatically assign each document to the corresponding employee, the attribute Employee ID must be named either in English or in German in the Personio account. You can choose between the following names: Employee ID, Employee Number, Mitarbeiter ID and Personalnummer.

For employees with two surnames, separate them with a space:

      • Firstname_FirstLastname SecondLastname_Category_ddmmyyyy

Any additional details will have to be added after the date. Use underscore characters to separate them:


If you do not include neither the category nor the date in the naming, the document will still be assigned automatically to the corresponding employee but the document category and date will have to be defined manually:

      • Firstname_Lastname

Upload the file

Under Imports, select file type Employee documents (Multiupload). Upload all of the desired documents or drag-and-drop them into the Files field and click Next. Up to 100 documents can be uploaded simultaneously with each import.


Configure the columns

If you are not using the automatic assignment function based on file names, assign the desired document category to the documents and, if applicable, edit the document date. The documents then, too, are assigned to the respective employees automatically via the file name.

You also have the option of doing a bulk assignment by using the arrow symbol. This allows you to, for example, assign a specific employee, a category or a document date to all of the documents at once.

Documents that have been uploaded incorrectly can be removed again via the column Actions.


Click on Next to see a preview of the import in the next step.


Preview the import

In the third and last step of the import process, you have the opportunity to review the selected documents and how they will be assigned.



Virus scan

Personio will perform a virus scan on all documents. This may take a few minutes during which an 🔄 icon and the status Virus scan will appear with the document. If the document is secure, it will become available for download once the scan is completed.

If it is rated as not secure or a virus is found, a ⚠️ icon will appear with the file. The only action that you or your employees can perform in that case is to delete the document.


Documents in the employee profile

After the import, the uploaded documents can be viewed in the employee profile under the Documents tab and their respective category:


Alternatively, your IT department can create an API integration that will automatically upload several documents to the respective employee profiles. They will find all the technical documentation in our Developer Hub.




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