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This article describes the functions available to you in the Employee list. To get to the Employee list, go to Employees > Employee list.

Note Which employees you see in the list is defined by the access rights. You are only ever able to view the employees whose public profile you are permitted to view. This applies to employee profiles with the status Active. To be able to view employees with the status Onboarding, on Leave or Inactive, you also need viewing rights for the HR information section. 

By default, all employees are shown in a list view sorted by their first names. This list view can be customized through filters, adding/deleting columns, etc. and you can save a variety of views.


Number of Employees

Go to the bottom right of the page to select how many employees you would like to see per page.



Customize and Fix Columns

Click on the Action button Action-Menu_en-us.pngat the top right and select the option Customize columns. Select the attributes you would like to be shown in the employee list. Use drag & drop to change the sequence in which attributes or columns are shown. The first line and first column are frozen by default and will therefore always remain visible as you scroll through the list. This function is very helpful to keep track of column headers and employee names if, for example, you have added a large number of columns to the view. To the left of the first column, you can also see the employee's profile image or, if they haven't yet uploaded an image, the employee's initials.



Save the Current View 

You can save up to ten list views to make it even faster to get to the employee information you want in your daily work with Personio.

  1. Click on employee-list-save-view_en-us.png Save current view and enter a name for the selected view.
  2. Click on Add to save the custom employee overview you have just created.
  3. You can then select the custom list view from the Views list of options.

Tip You can, for example, save views of your working students, part-time employees or other groups of employees, to make your everyday work with Personio easier.

As an admin, you can also save a standard view for all employees. To use this function, click on save-default-view-all-employees_en-us.png Save default view for all employees. Use this function to define a uniform employee list for the entire company.



Click on the icon with the three dots Action-Menu_en-us.png at the top right and then on Export to export the current view or any other attributes from the employee list as an Excel file.


Filter and Sort

You can sort the various columns by clicking on the small arrows next to the column headings. Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order. Sorting is applied in alphabetical or chronological order, depending on the selected column. 

To see a specific group of employees with one specific attribute, you can filter the employees by selecting the respective value in a column. You can make multiple selections per filter to have all employees from two different departments displayed, for example. The view will also show the number of filters active for each column. 



Employee List Search Bar

Use the search bar above the employee list to search for active or inactive employees.



Bulk Editing

Use the checkboxes to select multiple employees, then click on the Actions button. You are able to perform the following actions: Edit attribute, Add or remove role, Change accrual policy, Assign or remove work schedule, Send invitation email, Delete employee/s and Complete onboarding process.



Org Chart

The Org Chart icon org-chart_en-us.png located in the top-right corner of the Employee list will take you to a visual representation of the hierarchical structures within the company. The organizational chart is based on the supervisor-employee relationships previously entered in Personio.

To navigate through the Org Chart, simply click-and-drag with your mouse, and also zoom in and out by using the zoom menu located in the bottom-right corner or your mouse. The number showing under each employee indicates the number of employees under their supervision. To display all the employees beneath a particular employee, simply click on the box or on the number itself.

You can also click on Add filter to select an attribute value and have only those employees shown to  you. For example, you can have only the org chart from a specific department shown to you.

Click on the Export button in the top-right corner to export the current Org Chart in different file formats. Learn more about The Org Chart.


Note Only employees with the status active or leave are displayed in the Org Chart. Employees with the status onboarding and inactive are hidden.


Timeline View

Click on employee-list-timeline-view_en-us.png Timeline view at the top right to have an overview of your long-term staff planning displayed, grouped by department. You may see any of the following three highlighting colors in the timeline view: Hire date (green), Contract end date (yellow), Termination (red).

Personio also shows the number of open positions for each department. As in the org chart view, you can also apply various filters.

Note Public profile edit rights are required in order to view this feature. If you cannot access the timeline view, please contact your administrator.



Add Employees

Go to Add-Employee_en-us.png Add employee at the top-right and enter basic information such as Public profile, HR information, Employee roles and Templates. Then click on Save to create a new employee account. Learn more about Adding Employees.


Global Search Bar

In addition to the search function available in the employee list, you also have access to a global search bar in every view.


Use the search bar for searches for the following values: 

  • Functions and settings: title of the function or settings page, report name, tab in your personal employee profile
  • Employee: first name + last name, email, department, office, position, status
  • Candidate: first name + last name, email, telephone number

▶︎ Candidates for an archived position are not shown in the search bar.
▶︎ Search results depend on your access rights. You will only be shown the tabs for your personal employee profile and function pages that you can access for each employee role. You will be able to see all employees whose public profile you are permitted to view, and all candidates whose candidate profile you are permitted to view.


Inline Editing

The inline editing function allows you to make attribute changes for individual employees directly in the employee list. To do this, click on the blue pencil icon in the respective column, and select the new attribute value from the modal.





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