In this article, you will learn how to integrate Greenhouse with Personio. You will get an overview about all the requirements, and the instructions for the installation of the integration.

This integration was developed by Personio. This means that you can activate and configure it directly in your Personio account.

What are the functionalities available with the integration of Greenhouse with Personio?

The Greenhouse integration allows the automatic set up of new employees in Personio, when candidates reach the status "Hired" in Greenhouse. The integration enables specific attributes in Personio and Greenhouse to be synchronized, allowing Personio to import the corresponding information in your account.


How can I set up the integration of Greenhouse with Personio?

1. Requirements for a successful integration

  • You need to have an admin role or have an editing right for the marketplace (Settings > Employee roles > Access rights > Account configuration > Marketplace integration) in Personio.
  • You also need access to the Dev Center (Developer Permissions) in Greenhouse.


2. Prepare your API credentials

You need to have your current API credentials ready (if you are already using the employee data API with another software), or create new API credentials by going to Settings > API > Access data > Download.

Please note that previous credentials are automatically invalidated if you download new credentials.


3. Enable the Data Access

Navigate to Settings > API > Access and activate all user-defined attributes that you would like to synchronize with applicant attributes in Greenhouse, in addition to the predefined attributes.

The following system attributes are already available and don't need to be enabled manually:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Department
  • Office
  • Hire date
  • Position


4. Find Greenhouse in the Marketplace

The Greenhouse integration can be implemented directly within Personio. To do this, navigate to Settings > Marketplace and look for the Greenhouse integration solution. For more information on how to find a solution on the Marketplace, have a look here

You can then click on the Connect Greenhouse button to start the integration.



5. Greenhouse authentication

You first need to log into your Greenhouse account and create a Greenhouse API key. Select the Harvest type for your API key and activate the permissions for Custom fields.


Click on Manage Permissions to receive your API key.

Store your Greenhouse API key securely. If you lose it, you will need to create a new one.


6. Personio authentication

You now need to add the client ID and client secret you received when creating your API credentials for Personio (second step). Click on Next to continue.



7. Map attributes

On this page, you can select the attributes to be synchronized between Greenhouse and Personio. Please note that, even if the name of the attribute is different, the attribute values must be identical in both systems (e.g. the office is called "Munich" in both systems). Click on Next to proceed further.



8. Create a webhook

To create a webhook, you first need to go back to your Greenhouse account via this URL. You can then follow the instructions on the Greenhouse page to create your webhook. Note that you must complete the Greenhouse integration wizard in Personio before creating the webhook.

  • In the When selection box, select Candidate is hired
  • Paste the URL copied from Personio into the Endpoint URL field
  • Under Secret key, you can enter a random word
  • Under Disabled, make sure "No" is ticked
  • Click on Create webhook to save your settings.



9. Finalize the integration

Once you created the webhook, you can come back to the Personio page and click on Finish to finalize the integration.



Who do I contact for support?

If you have any further question regarding the Personio / Greenhouse integration, feel free to contact the Personio support team


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