How to Update Links to the Application Form


This article explains how to update the link to the application form, which will be needed, for instance if you have recently enabled separate Personio career pages for your subcompanies. Any existing postings on external job boards that are linked to the subcompanies will receive new links to the application form. To ensure you receive all applications from external job boards correctly, you have two options:

Update existing postings with new links to the application form

To ensure candidates are sent to the correct application form on your new subcompany career page, you can update the existing postings with the new link to the application form. To do this, use this form to submit your requested changes directly to our promotion partner, GoHiring.

If you are an international customer, you can also email directly instead of using the form. Make sure to state your company name, position, the job board and the new link.

If you use GoHiring's request form, choose Anzeige Ändern from the drop-down menu and add the necessary information company name (Unternehmensname), title of the posting (Stellentitel), job board (Jobbörse) and your email address (Ihre E-Mail Adresse).

Explain under description (Beschreibung) what you want to change and add the new link to the application form, then send the request with a click on submit (Einreichen).


Should you need further support with these changes, you can reach out to our customer support via this contact form.

Show positions on parent career page until postings expire

If you don't want to update the links to the application form for all postings on external job boards, you can alternatively enable the function Show positions on parent career page. To do so, go to settings > recruiting > career page > subcompany career page > activations.

Note that with this option, the candidate will still be led to the parent career page and not to the new Personio career page for the subcompany.


Enabling this function will allow you to display all subcompany positions on the parent career page until the postings have ended. After the existing postings have run their course, you can decide whether you want to keep the Show positions on parent career page function enabled.

Since all new postings added after the switch to the subcompany career pages will automatically receive the new link to the application form, you won't have to make any additional changes.


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