Using Questionnaires for Applicant Evaluation


This article describes how to use customizable evaluation forms to ensure that applicants are evaluated uniformly.


Applicant Evaluation

Evaluations can be submitted in three ways:

  1. Via an Applicant's Evaluation Tab
    By clicking on Add evaluation, an evaluation form can be selected, filled out, and submitted.
  2. Via a Feedback Request
    You can request feedback from a colleague by clicking on the speech bubble icon in the applicant view. After selecting Evaluation form as the feedback type, an existing evaluation form can be selected. Once the request has been sent, the employee receives an email notification and an entry is made in their dashboard to-do list.

  3. Via an Interview Event
    When creating recruiting interviews, the participating employees are selected along with the appropriate evaluation form under Evaluation. The participants will be requested to submit their evaluation forms at the time of the interview, similar to point 2.

If any fields in a questionnaire do not apply to an applicant, they can be left out of the evaluation.


Viewing the Results 

Individual evaluations are shown together in chronological order in the applicant profile. Aggregated evaluations can be accessed by clicking on the Evaluations tab.


The evaluations are grouped by evaluation form.



Click on View details in the header to see the aggregated results of a form:




You can find further information on calculating evaluation form results here.

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