Moving Google Authenticator to a New Device


This article describes how to proceed if you wish to migrate the Google Authenticator app to a new device.

If 2-factor authentication is activated for an employee role in Google, employees in this role need the Google Authenticator app to log into Personio. The app generates a second key, which employees need to enter in addition to their password before they can access Personio. Please click here for further information on how to set up 2-factor authentication.


Resetting Google Authenticator

If an employee switches mobile devices, they first need to download the Google Authenticator app onto the new device. More information about this process can be found in Google’s Helpcenter pages at

All employees who have administrator rights for your Personio account can then reset Google authentication. To do so, go to the employee’s profile and click on Manage account:


You can reset Google Authenticator there.


Activating the New Device

The respective employee can then log into Personio at as before, using their email address and password.


A new barcode is generated after this initial login, which the employee needs to scan with their mobile device.


Once this is done, the new device is activated and can be used immediately.




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