Why Is an Invitation Email Not Being Delivered?


In rare cases, it can happen that an invitation email is not delivered as planned. This can be for the following reasons:


The email landed in the recipient's spam folder

As a first step, please check whether the invitation email was caught by the recipient's spam folder. System-generated emails from Personio are sent from the address info@m.personio.de. If this address is blocked by your email provider, we recommend that you store it as a safe sender address. This will ensure that future Personio emails will arrive directly in in your Inbox. Further information on this topic can be found here.


The email address is incorrect or inactive

By default, Personio sends the invitation email to the address that is stored in the employee's public profile. If an address has been entered that is not (or not yet) active (e.g. with new employees), or that contains a spelling error, Personio is unable to send an invitation to it. Before sending an invitation email, please check that each employee profile contains an active email address without spelling or typing errors.


The email address has been blocked

If the initial delivery attempt for an invitation email fails, our mail provider will block the corresponding email address.

To unblock it, go to the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers and contact our Support Team. State the email address and the URL of the employee profile in question.

Feel free to copy the following email template:

Dear Personio Support Team,

The email address [insert email address] has been blocked. The corresponding URL to the employee profile is [insert URL]. Please have the email address unblocked by your mail provider.

Many thanks!



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