Importing Historical Attendances


This article describes how you can import your employees’ attendances to Personio in a batch process.

Your employees’ attendance in Personio can be easily recorded by using the Employee Profile > Attendance menu option, where each employee is able to enter their attendance periods manually, provided they have the requisite access rights. Attendances are then saved permanently in Personio as required or as provided for by the account settings, for example, once they have been confirmed by a supervisor.

You can also store historical attendances in Personio by performing a bulk import. This allows you to have the historical salary data of employees who are paid on an hourly basis calculated automatically by Personio, among others.

Import attendances into Personio by completing the following steps:


Recording Attendance in Personio’s Excel Template

  • First, download the Importing Attendance Periods Excel template (see the link at the bottom of this article).
  • Enter the required information for your employees’ attendances in the relevant columns. Each line corresponds to an attendance period by an employee. If you wish to record several attendances for an employee, you need to create several lines for them. Each employee is uniquely identified by their email address.


  • The lines in the following columns must be formatted as specified below:
    • Date: Date
    • Start time: May only contain text (hh:mm) and must not be formatted as time.
    • End time: May only contain text (hh:mm) and must not be formatted as time.
    • Comment: May only contain text.
  • Use the Comment column to add notes, e.g. if an employee was late for work because of a medical appointment.
  • Save the complete Excel file.

Please note that only the email address can be used as unique identifier when importing attendances.

If your start- and end times are formatted as hh:mm:ss, please complete the following steps:

  1. Add two blank columns to the right of the ‘endtime’ column.
  2. Enter the following command in the second line of the first blank column: =TEXT(C2;"hh:mm")
  3. Enter the following command in the second cell of the second blank column: =TEXT(D2;"hh:mm")
  4. You can now enter the headings for the new columns you have just created.
  5. The first blank column should be named ‘Start time’, the second one ‘End time’.


Please check carefully that you select the correct columns when importing your data.


Importing Employee Data

Import the attendance data once you have completed all preparatory steps. The import process into Personio comprises three steps:

  1. Upload file: Upload the file to the Import section in your Personio account. Select the file type Attendance periods upload.
  2. Configuring columns: In the next step, assign the columns in your Excel file to the corresponding attributes stored in Personio.

  3. Preview import: In the final step, you will see a preview of the import. If you notice any errors, you can simply cancel the import and fix the relevant problems in the Excel spreadsheet.

We are happy to assist you in importing your data. If you are planning to do an import and need our assistance, you can contact our service team through the Find Answers section in Personio via Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers.




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