Setting Up an Email Signature


This article explains how and where you can set up your personal signature in Personio, and when it will be used.


Setting Up the Signature in Personio

To set up your personalized email signature, go to your profile picture at the top right, and click on Personal settings > Email > Edit. You can then, for example, simply copy and paste in an HTML-formatted signature, including images. By going into code view, you can make as many HTML changes as you like. 


You can use various HTML online editors to create and format your signature. Among other things, you may want to use the following tags to customize your code:

Tag Description
<br> Add a line break or blank line.
<a href="URL">Name of the link to your URL</a> Insert a URL. 
<img src="publicly available URL for your image" alt="description of your image"> Use the src (source) attribute to insert an image that is located behind a publicly accessible URL. The text that is entered as an alt (alternative) attribute will be displayed if the image cannot be retrieved.


e.g. <img src="publicly available URL for your image" alt="description of your image" width="100">

Define the size of your logo. If you modify the width, the height will be scaled automatically. If you would like to adjust the size based on the height of your logo, use the height attribute.
&nbsp; Add a space that won't allow a line break at its position.
<div style="font-weight:bold;">Hannah Heinrich</div>

Use different styles (font, font size). For example, if you would like to bring out your name, surround it with the div tag and add the style attribute. This will apply the desired style. More style ideas can be found here, for example, or you may want to browse similar pages.


Automatic receipt confirmations to applicants

Under Settings > Recruiting > Categories, you have been defined as the sender address of receipt confirmations in a recruiting category. 




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