Best Practices Performance Management


The following is an overview of well-established best practices for your performance management.

Best Practice Performance Comment

Using performance comments, you can document an employee's progress without them being able to view the entries. More details on creating and managing performance comments are described in this articleSee the following example:



Best Practices Feedback Meeting

First, select the basic configuration settings for performance. Feedback categories (including attributes) for holding feedback meetings could look as follows:

Feedback Category Attribute
Development discussion
  • Satisfaction with job tasks and responsibilities
  • Satisfaction with work environment
  • Change requests, suggestions and ideas
End of probation period discussion
  • Update on the last 6 months
  • Supervisor feedback (behavior and performance)
  • Personal development goals
Review meeting
  • General feedback
  • Development potential
  • Personal development goals


Target setting discussion


  • Discuss target achievements of the past period
  • Discuss improvement opportunities
  • Elicit the employee's suggestions and concerns
  • Plan how the discussion results are put into practice


Learn here how to set up feedback meetings.

Best Practices Target Agreements

See this article to find out about setting up and managing target agreements. You can define any number of KPIs for each agreed target. The following three KPI types are available:

  • Binary: target achieved or not achieved
  • Qualitative: not directly measurable
  • Quantitative: directly measurable

You can also determine whether KPIs should be considered in the bonus calculation and how they are weighted. The following example shows established KPIs and their targets:

KPI Target KPI Type
Establish knowledge transfer within the department
  • Hold 4 units per month with minimum 3 participants
  • Qualitative
150k in additional sales
  • Target: 150; Result: 93
  • Quantitative
Trade fair visit
  • Visit a relevant trade fair
  • Binary
Customer satisfaction
  • From quarterly survey
  • Qualitative


See this article for detailed instructions how to set up KPIs including automatic linking to the bonus.




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