Managing Preliminary Payroll


This article explains how to manage the preliminary payroll and all related data. Furthermore, you will find a detailed description of the data table and instructions on how to generate an Excel export for your accounting department or external accountant.

In addition to our preliminary payroll features we also offer an integration with our external partner Paychex. If you are interested in an automated accounting process via Personio and Paychex, please contact our Service-Team here.


Generating Your Excel-Export Step by Step 

  1. Navigate to Payroll.
  2. Check all data and any data changes in the preview or in your Excel export.
  3. Once you have generated an Excel export, you can close the payroll and forward it to your accounting office or the responsible internal department.


Exception Solution

Data changes are not shown in the current export.

Update these changes manually and then check the payroll export again.
Data changes are not included after closing the preliminary payroll. Update these changes manually. Then generate a new export and send the file again to your accounting office.


Understanding the Preview


1. Preview table

The preview table provides you with a clear overview of all payroll-relevant data of your active, internal employees. In case changes were made to an employee's profile since the previous accounting period, the employee in question is automatically moved to the top of the table and the entire line is highlighted in orange. New employees are displayed with a distinct green marker.

Employees appear in the table if at least one of the following conditions applies:

  • At least one day of the payroll period lies between the hiring date and the end of the employment.
  • The employee receives some kind of payment (including subsequent payment).
  • Personal data attributes in the employee profile have been changed since the last payroll run was closed. Please make sure the corresponding attributes are added as columns in the payroll.


2. Separate spreadsheets

The personal as well as salary data and absence periods are displayed in the preview table and in the Excel export on three separate worksheets. You can configure the desired view under Settings > Salary & Payroll.


3. Month

The calendar option provides you with an overview of previous months and thus enables you to keep track of already closed payrolls. You can access all your data any time in Personio.


4. Sub-companies and their Accounting Groups and Periods


If you manage several sub-companies in one Personio account, the preview table is generated separately for each sub-company. If you have defined accounting groups and periods for your company or sub-companies, you can jump between them. Review and closing of the payroll must be done separately for each accounting group and company. Learn more about how the payroll works for several accounting groups.


5. Edit columns

You can add any number of additional attributes to the payroll export. Click on Edit table columns to access the settings. Learn more about all possible payroll attributes and best practices.


6. Export

Check all data in the preview table and then click on Generate export. If necessary, you can check the created export again after the download.

Check and take care of outstanding approvals regarding absence requests before you close the payroll.


7. Close payroll

Navigate to Close payroll to close the payroll and exit the preview mode.

The generated export cannot be changed after completion and the preview table is frozen. We therefore recommend that you close the payroll on the last day of your payroll period. If you still have to make data changes after the payroll has been closed, please generate a new export and send it to your accounting office or the responsible department.


8. Status

There are two status changes in preliminary payroll every month:

Status Explanation
in review When the payroll is due, the status is automatically set to Review. A task appears on the dashboard. The data can then be reviewed.
approved Payroll is approved and closed for the month. 


9. Accounting period

The payroll period is the predefined time frame in which the attendance hours and absence days are added up for a certain accounting group. Fixed salaries are always displayed on a monthly basis, regardless of the payroll period.


10. Changes marked since

Employee data which are new this month or which have changed since the last payroll was closed are highlighted in orange.

Please make sure not to close the payroll during an ongoing payroll period, otherwise absence periods will not be fully taken into account. We recommend that you close payroll on the last day of the payroll period. Changes will be highlighted with the beginning of the new payroll period.


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