Google Single-Sign-On


This article describes how you can activate Google single sign-on (Google SSO) for your company so that your employees can log into Personio from their existing Google accounts.

Please note that this option only works if you use GSuite in your company.


  • Access is managed entirely within GSuite. Therefore, when an employee is offboarded and consequently deactivated as a user in Google, for example, their access to Personio is automatically cancelled at the same time.
  • Employees do not need to create an additional password for Personio.



You can activate Google SSO with a single click in the Settings under Authentication > Google Auth.


We recommend that you activate Google SSO only after your account setup has been completed, as your employees will be able to log into Personio from the time SSO is activated. Access to their accounts is then controlled exclusively via Google.

Login via Google

When Google SSO is active, the entire authentication process is managed via GSuite. We therefore suggest that you activate 2-factor authentication in your GSuite Admin.

With login via Google, Personio users can simply log into Personio via their Google account instead of their standard Email and Password login data.


Once Google has successfully authenticated a user, the system checks whether the selected Personio account contains an employee profile for the authenticated GSuite user. This process involves verification that the stored email addresses match. If this is the case, the employee is logged in to Personio.




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