How to Implement Personio Conversations


This article explains how to implement Personio Conversations. You will learn how to add Conversations to your Personio plan, and to distinguish between roles in Conversations.

Conversations is a workplace requests tool in Personio that provides your internal service teams with a centralized place to manage employee requests. You can find more information in the article Overview of Personio Conversations.


Add Conversations to Your Plan

Conversations is available as an additional package for customers on all Personio plans. To add Conversations to your plan, contact your Growth Manager. Some functionalities, including Customization, SLAs and certain Analytics features, are only available to customers on the Premium package. 


Roles in Conversations 

There are two main types of users in Conversations: experts and requesters. You can learn more in the article Manage Users in Conversations.


Access Personio Conversations for the First Time

Initial setup

The Personio Administrator at your company will first need to create a “Conversations Expert” employee role in Personio and define the appropriate access rights. Administrators have access to this role by default and therefore do not need to assign the role to themselves.

If someone else at your company is responsible for driving the implementation, then the Administrator will need to assign them the role. This person will closely collaborate with Personio during the setup process. This person will be your first expert and should perform the tasks listed below.

To activate Personio Conversations for the first time, the Administrator must click on the Conversations section in the main navigation bar in Personio. This will complete the initial setup.


Further steps

The first expert should perform the following steps:

  1. Assign the "Conversations Expert" role to all other experts. Note: Only those with Administrator access can assign roles.
  2. Create the first teams. Note: After you have integrated Slack (see the final step below), you can add the associated Slack channels to the relevant teams using the edit teams function.
  3. Edit teams: add and remove members, edit working hours and assign team categories.
  4. Manage requests through Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email.
  5. Customize request statuses.
  6. Set up SLAs.

Note: Request status customization and SLAs are only available to customers on the Premium package.


Final step

Once you have familiarized yourself with Conversations, you can set up the integration with Slack or Microsoft Teams. (It might be necessary to coordinate with your IT department.)

Note: We recommend integrating Slack or Microsoft Teams, however, this is not a prerequisite to using Conversations, as email is enabled by default.


More Information

You can find more information on Personio Conversations in the following articles.





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