Personio Active Sourcing Extension - Import Candidates from LinkedIn


In this article, you will learn how you can transfer the data of actively sourced candidates from LinkedIn into Personio. You will get an overview of all the requirements, as well as the instructions for the installation of the integration and how to use it.


What is the LinkedIn Active Sourcing Extension?

The LinkedIn Active Sourcing Extension is a Google Chrome plugin that you can install for your browser. It allows you to transfer data and documents from a LinkedIn profile directly into Personio to create an application in Personio.

This way, you can source candidates and automatically import data into Personio, which will help you to save time and avoid errors.



  • The Extension is only available for users with the necessary edit rights to manage applications. To use the active sourcing Extension, you need to have one of the below: 
    ▶︎ have an Administrator role, or
    ▶︎ edit rights for the entire Recruiting section, or
    ▶︎ a Recruiting role with edit rights for Applications, Tags, Comments, and Candidate documents. For more information about recruiting role access rights, go to our article Recruiting Role Access Rights And What They Mean.

  • It is currently not possible to access the Extension if you use the following authentication methods:
    ▶︎ oAuth

    ▶︎ If 2-Factor Authentication is activated for your role under Settings > People > Employee Roles.


How Can I Set up the Integration in Personio?

Install the Extension

First, you need to download the Extension in the Google Store and install it in your Google Chrome Browser. Your browser language will be used as the Extension language.

Once the Extension is installed, open LinkedIn, click on the gray Personio icon and log in with your Personio credentials.


To use the Extension, you need to accept the terms and conditions in the legal disclaimer that provides details on how you should handle candidate data while using the extension. Once candidate data is transferred and stored in Personio, the following privacy policy explains how Personio processes the data.


When is the Extension Active?

When you log into your LinkedIn account, you will see the Personio icon displayed in gray. This means that the Extension is inactive, and it will remain so until you select a LinkedIn profile.

Active The Extension is only active when you are on a candidate profile. The Personio icon will appear in blue.  active-sourcing-extension-active_en-us.png.png
Inactive The Extension is inactive when browsing any other area in LinkedIn. The Personio icon will appear in gray. active-sourcing-extension-inactive_en-us.png


How to Import a Candidate?

To import candidates through the Extension into Personio, follow these steps:

  1. Browse and select the desired LinkedIn profile, the Extension's Personio icon will turn blue.
  2. Click on the icon to open the Extension. 
  3. Click in the field Position and chose a position from the dropdown menu, or search for a position.
  4. Fill in the candidate information in the Candidate profile section. Note that Email and Phone need to be filled in manually. You also have the option to add a Comment and a Tag according to your preferences.

    Tip We recommend you to get the candidate's email address before creating their application in Personio, so you can contact them afterwards directly from their candidate profile.

  5. Optional: Click on the Documents tab and add any relevant documents via drag-and-drop or by uploading them.

    Note Document size cannot be more than 20mb. The supported document files are .doc, .docx, .odt and .pdf. A document category can be assigned to a document.

  6. Click on Create application to complete the process.


The information entered in the form will automatically be transferred to the newly created application in Personio.




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