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This article explains how you can use the Personio Multiposting feature to promote positions on job boards specifically for refugees.

Before using the Multiposting feature, make sure to check the Mandatory steps for Multiposting on Job Boards.


Why use the Multiposting feature?

  • The Personio Multiposting allows you to post simultaneously on all job boards available, making your process faster and more efficient. 
  • By using the feature to promote your open positions on those job boards, each application will automatically appear in your Personio account with a candidate profile. You can then easily manage all applications in Personio. 


Which job boards are available?

Personio offers an integration with four job boards that are dedicated to connect employers from all over Europe with refugees who are looking for a job opportunity:

Job board Specialty

Job Aid Ukraine

Specialized in positions for Ukrainian refugees.


Specialized in positions for Ukrainian refugees.


Specialized in positions for Ukrainian refugees.


Open for positions for refugees from all over the world.


Requirements for positions for refugees

To promote your positions on those job boards, the position needs to fulfil the following requirements:


General requirements

The following requirements apply to all job boards:

  • The position is ideally open specifically for refugees.
  • It should be legally possible for a refugee to work in this position.

For more information regarding employing Ukrainian refugees, have a look at the More resources section below.

Remote opportunities as well as positions that only require English skills are currently the most relevant for refugees who are seeking employment.


Specific requirements 

The following requirements apply to the specific job boards:

Job board Allowed language(s) for position description Additional requirements
Job Aid Ukraine English none
UAtalents English, Ukrainian, or Russian none
Jobs4UA No specific requirements none

English or German

▶︎ Language requirements: In the position description, you also need to clearly mention the required level of language (for example, professional English). If this is not mentioned, Workeer will estimate this. To change it, please contact the Workeer Customer Support.

▶︎ Salary indication: In the position description, you need to clearly mention a salary, or salary range (for example, €20,000-€25,000 per year) If this is not mentioned, Workeer will apply the German minimum wage. To change it, please contact the Workeer Customer Support.


How to promote a position on a refugee job board?

To promote a position on one of the above-mentioned job boards, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Recruiting > Positions.
  2. Select your position and click Promote.
  3. In the banner Hire refugee jobseekers, click Show refugee job boards.
  4. Scroll down and select the job boards where you want to promote the position.
  5. In the bottom-right corner, select the language in which you will promote the position.

    Ensure you fulfil the language requirements of the job board; otherwise the position will not be published.

  6. Click Next to preview the posting.
  7. Click Proceed to checkout for a final review of your order. You can check the selected job boards, runtime, language, and cost.


What are the costs?

Job board Costs
  • UAtalents
  • Job Aid Ukraine
  • Jobs4UA
Each posting costs €30. The fee covers the manual integration of each position on the three boards, and all net benefits will be sent to an organization supporting refugees from Ukraine.
Workeer Each posting costs €150.


More resources

For more information on how to employ refugees, you can have a look at the following resources:




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