Give your Employees Access to Custom Reports


This article explains how to give an employee access to the Custom reports section in Personio.

There are two different ways that you can do this:

Provide Access to Custom Reports via Access Rights

You can give your employees access to your organization's custom reports through access rights.

Employees with access rights for custom reports will be able to see all custom reports that have been created.

Go to Settings > ORGANIZATION AND PEOPLE > Employee Roles > Access rights > Custom Reports to grant the necessary access rights:

  • Viewing rights allow employees to view all custom reports and all the data they contain, regardless of whether they have access to a specific attribute.
  • Editing rights allow employees to create custom reports themselves and to select report attributes.

It's currently not possible to give employees access to a specific custom report via access rights. To give them access to a single custom report, you need to do so via the Sharing Options window.


Share Custom Reports via the Sharing Options Window

You can also give your employees access to a specific custom report through the Sharing options window.

Employees who you share a custom report with will only be able to see that particular custom report. Employees will be able to view and export the custom report, but they will not be able to edit it.

Follow these steps to share a custom report via the Sharing Options window:

      • Go to Reports > Custom Reports > [Any report] > Sharing options.
      • Enter the name of the employee you want to share the report with. An employee has to be in status Active or Leave to be included in the sharing option.

        You can also search employees by position. This makes it easier for you to add employees from the same department or role at once.

      • Click on the search result. The employee will then be added to the Sharing options window. You can repeat this process as many times as needed. 
      • If needed, select Remove access in the dropdown of each employee to remove their access to the report.
      • Click on Save changes to effectively share the custom report with the employees listed in the Sharing options window.

        Employees will not receive a notification when a report is shared with them. 

      • The header will now change to reflect that the custom report is being shared. This information will also appear in the custom reports overview.

      • If you edit the shared custom report, a warning will appear to remind you that the report is currently being shared and that all additional data will be visible to the employees as soon as you click on Apply changes.


Only administrators can share custom reports via the Sharing options window and see the employees a report has been shared with. 

Employees with access rights for custom reports can only see that a report has been shared but not with whom.




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