Request and Approve Absences Tracked in Hours


Personio allows you to request absences tracked either in days or in hours.

Whether an absence can be requested in days or in hours will depend on your company's Personio settings. Contact your Personio admin for more information on this. 


What are absences tracked in hours, and how are they different from the ones tracked in days?

Absence tracking in days allows you to request either full-day or half-day absences (optional).

Absence tracking in hours, on the other side, allows you to request:

  • full-day absences (e.g., an absence of 8 hours over the course of a day) such as a vacation day. 
  • multi-day absences (e.g., an absence of 8 hours over the course of two days or, in other words, an absence starting at 13:00 and ending at 12:00 the day after).
  • partial-day absences (e.g., an absence of 2 hours over the course of a day) such as doctor appointments or sudden absences due to urgent matters.


How to

Request Absences Tracked in Hours


    1. Go to My profile > Absence and click on the day in the calendar you want to request an absence type tracked in hours. Alternatively, you can also click on the Request absence button visible in both the dashboard and My profile > Absence.
    2. Enter the relevant information in the pop-up window:
What type of absence? Select the absence type you wish to request from the drop-down menu (e.g., paid vacation, home office or sick leave).
From – To

Enter the precise period for which you are requesting an absence.

Depending on both your work schedule and your company's Personio settings, Personio will automatically deduct public holidays and weekdays on which you aren't scheduled to work.

First day duration / Last day duration


If you are requesting a multi-day absence, these fields will appear. 

Select whether the first and last day of the absence period are a full day or a half day.

Full day / Part of the day


If you are requesting an absence within the same day, these fields will appear.

Select whether the absence period is a full-day or a partial-day.

Start time / End time 


If you are requesting an absence within the same day, these fields will appear.

Enter a start time and an end time for the absence period.


If the absence tracked in hours has a certificate requirement, you will be able to upload it directly from the absence request window.

Comments You have the option of adding a comment to your request.
  1. Click on Request to submit the absence request.
  2. If approval is needed, the requested absence will be shown with a striped line and marked Pending in your absence calendar until the corresponding approver handles it.

Currently absences tracked in hours can only be booked from the Personio web version.


Approve Absences Tracked in Hours

Employees set as approvers in Personio can approve other employee's requests for absences tracked in hours. 

  1. When an absence is requested for which you’re an approver, you will receive a new task on your dashboard (All approvals widget and Tasks widget), and if enabled, also an email notification.
  2.  Go to Dashboard > My tasks to approve the request, or if applicable, simply click on the link in the email. Depending on your access rights as an approver, you can also do it directly in Employee profile > Absence or in Calendar > Search employee.
  3. If the absence request is approved, an email will be sent to the employee, and the requested absence will be shown in a single, solid color in their calendar.
  4. If the absence request is rejected, an email will also be sent to the employee, and the respective entry in the absence calendar will be deleted.

Currently, it’s not possible for employees to request a substitute for absences tracked in hours.



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