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In this article, you will learn how to integrate Microsoft (MS) Teams with Personio. You will be provided with an overview of the requirements for the installation of the integration with the Personio employee data API, together with integration installation instructions. 


Integration of MS Teams With Personio

MS Teams is the Microsoft collaboration tool for companies and their employees. The integration of MS Teams with Personio enables relevant information that relates to predefined teams, departments, and offices to be provided to specific MS Teams channels.

With this integration, a daily update is published in MS Teams on today's:

  • Employee absences and when the employees will be back at work
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries in a company
  • New employees

An employee can also request absences directly in MS Teams, specifying the following:

  • Type of absence
  • Scope of the first and last day (full or half-day)
  • Substitute during their absence
  • Duration of the absence


Integration Requirements

For a successful integration, the following is required:

  • An Administrator role or an editing right for Personio Marketplace in Personio. To assign an editing right for Personio Marketplace, go to Settings > People > Employee Roles > Access rights > Account configuration > Marketplace Integration.
  • Microsoft Global Administrator role. The MS Teams Administrator role is not sufficient. 


How do I set up an Integration?

Generate New API Credentials

You first need to generate new API credentials for this integration in Personio via Settings > Integrations > API credentials.

When you select an integration from the Integration drop-down menu, the system usually automatically preselects the system attributes that need to be read or written by the integration. You can add or remove attributes manually if necessary.

For more information on generating API credentials, read our Help Center article on how to generate and manage API credentials.


Find MS Teams in Personio Marketplace

To find MS Teams in Personio Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. On the main navigation bar in Personio, click on Marketplace
  2. The Marketplace page displays. Enter "MS Teams" into the Search box on the Marketplace page. 
  3. You need to implement the MS Teams integration directly within Personio. Click on the Connect button to start the integration.
  4. The Connect wizard, consisting of four steps, will display.

If you can't find the integration in the Marketplace, make sure the, Inc. checkbox is enabled under Settings > Support > Plan & Billing > Data Processing Agreement.

Personio uses as a sub-processor to enable the inclusion of certain integrations. No data will be transmitted to without using the mentioned integration.

You need to complete all four steps detailed below to set up the integration.


Step 1. MS Teams Authentication

Enable Personio to authenticate MS Teams and ask permission from the MS Teams administrator or owner.


Step 2. Personio Authentication

Authenticate Personio by whitelisting the relevant attributes and entering the API credentials you generated for this integration. In the Access tab of the API section, you must allow the following attributes to be readable:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Termination date
  • Hire date
  • Position
  • Status
  • Office
  • Department
  • Team

Enter the client ID and client secret previously generated in the API credentials section and save the settings.


Step 3. Manage Teams in MS Teams

From the Select Teams drop-down menu, select the teams in MS teams for which you wish to map channels. To add a new attribute, click Add new attribute.


Step 4.  Manage Channel Updates


Map Attributes

To map the relevant attributes in Personio, follow these steps:

  1. From the Language of Updates drop-down menu, select the language of the channel updates.
  2. From the Time of Update drop-down menu, select the time of the channel updates. 
  3. To choose the event(s), for example, an employee absence, that should trigger update(s), select the relevant check-boxes. 
  4. From the MS Teams channel drop-down, select the relevant MS Teams channel. To add a new attribute, click Add new attribute.
  5. From the Personio drop-down, select the relevant organizational unit (for example, department or team). Note: When mapping attributes, you can select either a public or a private team in MS Teams. Daily channel updates must be sent to a public MS Teams channel.
  6. To activate the MS Teams integration, click the Finish button.

From the Personio Marketplace, you can edit the mapped attributes at any time or deactivate the integration.

For more information on Personio Marketplace, read our Help Center article Personio Marketplace


Absence Workflows With MS Teams

Daily Update from Personio in MS Teams Channel

Read the previously created automatic daily update from Personio in an MS Teams channel. Under each subject (for example Out Today), the summarized employee data can be read at a glance.



Request an Absence Using the Personio App in MS Teams

An employee can easily request an absence using the Personio application in MS Teams by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Personio application in MS Teams. 
  2. Type request absence.
  3. Fill in the form, adding the type of absence and duration.
  4. Click Next step.
  5. Choose substitute if required.


More Information

To find out more about what absence request management is in Personio and how you can automate it with integrations, read our Help Center article Absence Request Workflow Management.




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