People Workflow Automation in Personio


This article gives you an introduction to automating your people workflows across all your tools in Personio. 


What is People Workflow Automation?

People Workflow Automation creates a link between your tools and teams. It allows you to automate processes in Personio via our functionalities as well as across platforms via integrations, including for example Azure AD and Slack. 

People Workflows consist of a sequence of steps designed to automate certain repetitive procedures, remove distractions and accelerate business. They are particularly useful for tasks involving different departments and teams within a company that can be hard to keep track of, such as the signing of a contract or a lengthy onboarding process. One click triggers an automated workflow across (external) tools and teams to achieve the goal of hiring, managing, and developing employees from day one and even before then.

Are you interested in learning more about People Workflow Automation from the experts? Visit our Personio Community in English and German

To read more about People Workflow Automation and how it can support the automation of your people workflows in the future, visit our Website and read our Whitepaper


Your Workflows in Personio

Personio enables you to set up workflows for the whole employee life-cycle. From approvals to on-/offboarding, reminders, and signatures — you can set up your workflows based on your company's processes. If you want to boost these functionalities, visit the Personio Marketplace and choose integrations to fit your processes. 

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Keeping Track of Workflows in the Workflow Hub

In the Workflow Hub and the Workflow Dashboard widget you can quickly access different workflows currently implemented within Personio, such as on-/offboarding, signatures, and approvals. 


You can access it via the anticlockwise-downwards-and-upwards-open-circle-arrows_1f504.png icon in the left-hand sidebar, or get an overview of overdue tasks on the Dashboard in the form of the Workflow Dashboard widget. Check your workflow statuses in one single click, never miss an update, and identify bottlenecks ahead of time. Read more about the Workflow Hub and the Workflow Dashboard widget in our article The Workflow Hub.

Note that the displayed widgets depend on your Personio package and Add-on. Find more information about this in our article on the Workflow Hub.


Integrate Your External Workflows 


Personio functionalities and external integrations flow seamlessly together, making your employee's daily tasks easier. New joiners can easily get access to the applications they need and all employees can efficiently request absences without changing tools.

We are designing Personio to support you in automating your people workflows and have built integrations to automate access and absence management.


Identity and Access Management

Automate your Identity and Access Management with Integrations. When entering new employees who have joined your company, position changes, and employees who are leaving your company in Personio, the information is automatically synchronized to your identity and access management tool. 

The new Personio-built integrations with Azure AD and Okta help you to automate your access management workflow. Learn more about these workflows in our article Identity and Access Workflow Management.


Absence Request Management

If your company already facilitates communication via other tools such as Slack or MS Teams, you can now integrate these with Personio to automate absence requests and approvals. Our new integrations with Slack and MS Teams allow employees to request absences directly from within Slack and MS Teams.

Find out more about absence approval workflows in our article Absence Request Workflow Management.




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