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What is a Peer Review in Personio?

A Peer Review is a review type that allows employees to provide feedback on their colleagues. Peer reviews can be added to a performance review cycle using the Performance Review Cycle Builder in Personio.

After the launch of a review cycle, supervisors, Personio Administrators and employees with edit rights in the Performance & Development area can nominate employees to complete Peer reviews.


How to Add a Peer Review to a Review Cycle

To add a Peer review to a review cycle, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Performance & Development > Cycles.
  2. Click on Create a new cycle.
  3. Under Step 3: Select review types, select the Peer review checkbox.
  4. Under Step 4: Add forms, select the relevant form that you wish to assign to employees from the Peer review drop-down menu
  5. Under Step 5: Set due dates, go to the Peer review field, and select how many days, weeks or months after the launch of the review cycle the peer review is due. Reminders will be sent to employees participants one day before a review is due.
  6. Under Step 6: Preview and Launch, check that the configuration of your review cycle is correct in the preview. If you are ready to launch the cycle, click on Launch review cycle.
  7. The Launch this review cycle? dialog displays stating that emails will be sent to all employees who need to provide Peer reviews. Click on Launch review cycle, to confirm.
  8. Under Performance & Development > Cycles, click on the review cycle name to access the details of the review cycle. 
  9. Click on the three dots located to the right and select Request peer feedback.

  10. The Assign colleagues to write peer reviews dialog will display. To assign Peer reviews to the relevant peers, select the checkbox beside the names of the peers. Click on the Send requests to employees button.

The peers who have been nominated to provide Peer reviews receive an email notification. They can fill out and send their feedback by going to Performance & Development > Feedback.

Supervisors now have limited access to the Cycles page. They can view the review cycles for which their direct reports are selected and check their review status. They can also nominate peers on the page that shows the details of a review cycle. 


Fill Out and Send Peer Reviews

To fill out and send a Peer Review, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Performance & Development > Feedback.
  2. Click on the relevant Peer Review under the To do tab.
  3. Enter the feedback into the relevant form fields. The feedback that you enter will automatically be saved.
  4. Click on Send review, or select Save for later to save it as draft and continue editing at a later stage.
  5. When you click on Send review, the Send this peer review? dialog will display stating that the review will be sent to the peer's supervisor and that after the review is sent, it will no longer be possible to edit the content. To share the review with the peer, select the Also share with [name of the relevant peer will be displayed] checkbox.
  6. Then click Send review.


Edit Peer Reviews

Depending on the status of a review and the status of the review cycle, a review can be edited or not. 

Status Notes
Closed review cycle After a review cycle has been closed, the status of a Peer review changes to Locked, and it is not possible to edit the Peer review anymore.
Peer review in draft A Peer review that is still in draft can be edited at any time. See below how to edit a Peer review.
Sent Peer review Once a Peer review has been sent, its status changes to Locked (not editable). Only Personio Administrators, employees with edit rights in the Performance & Development area, HR Managers, and Supervisors can Unlock Locked-Review_en-us.png the Peer review to allow editing.Employee-Profile-Performance-Unlock-Review_en-us.png


To edit a Peer review that has not been sent, or that has been unlocked, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Performance & Development > Feedback.
  2. Under the To do tab, click on the relevant Peer review.  
  3. Make the necessary changes in the relevant form fields. Your changes will automatically be saved.


Track Peer Review Progress

Personio Administrators, employees with edit rights in the Performance & Development area, and supervisors can track the progress of Peer reviews. 

Where a supervisor is included in a review cycle that includes Peer reviews, a counter is shown: for example, 0/2 submitted, where 0 is the number of Peer reviews submitted and 2 is the total number of a supervisor's direct reports. 


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