In this article, you will learn how to integrate Lattice in Personio. You will get an overview of all the requirements, and the instructions for installing the integration with the Personio employee data API.

Activate from the Marketplace: We have improved the activation flow for this integration. You can now start the activation from the Marketplace. For more information, visit our article Activate Integrations from the Marketplace.


What is Lattice?

Lattice is one of the best performance management solutions for growing companies.

Lattice helps companies build engaged, high-performing teams. By combining performance management, employee engagement, and employee development in one solution, HR and people teams get powerful insights while improving the employee experience.


How can I set up the Integration of Lattice and Personio?

Generate new API credentials

You need to generate new API credentials for this integration in Personio at Settings > API credentials. In most cases, when selecting an integration in the drop-down menu, the system automatically preselects the system attributes that need to be read or written by the integration. You can always add or remove attributes manually if they are needed, or you wish to do so. For more information on how to do this, have a look at our help center article on how to generate and manage API credentials.

From the Integration dropdown menu, select "Lattice". In the Personal Data section and check the Read box next to Employees.


Enable the Data Access

You need to enable the default and custom employee attributes that you want to share with Lattice.

Ensure that you check the following fields that are required to create a new user in Lattice:

  • Employee ID
  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Status
  • Employment type

The following non-mandatory attributes can also be mapped to Lattice:

  • Gender
  • Position
  • Supervisor
  • Hire date
  • Department


Finish the connection in Lattice

  1. Go to the Integrations section on the Admin Panel in Lattice.
  2. Scroll down and click on the "Personio" banner. You will be prompted to type the Client ID and Client Secret you previously copied, and select the types of employees that you want to pull into Lattice.



  3. Click the Connect button to finish the setup. Lattice will run the first sync from Personio employees into Lattice. You can check the result on the Import logs page.




What Data Will be Transferred?

Lattice uses the employee master data only for reading purposes.

Personio Field Sync Direction Lattice Field
Employee ID External user ID
First Name + Last Name Name
Status Status
Gender Gender
Position Title
Supervisor Manager
Hire Date Start Date
Department Department
Email Email
Employment type Employment type (Not stored in Lattice, only used for filtering purposes)

Filter options

Admins can import users with Internal, External, or both employment types and change their import selection whenever they want. Please note that stopping the pulling of one of these employment types won’t remove data in Lattice that was already imported.

This filter option can be first configured when setting up the integration, and updated later once the integration is set up by going to the Admin panel > Employees > Settings > Integrations page.

What are the Costs?

Product combinations (all billed annually):

  • Performance Only: $9 USD per user per month
  • Performance + Engagement: $12 USD per user per month
  • Performance + Grow: $12 USD per user per month
  • Performance + Engagement + Grow: $15 USD per user per month

More information on pricing can be found here.


Personio / Lattice partnership offer

As a Personio customer, you benefit from two free months of Lattice with an annual contract (twelve months for the normal price of ten).

Please note that the annual agreement for Lattice starts at $4,000, so smaller companies might not benefit from this offer (Lattice hopes to support smaller deal sizes in the future). This offer only applies to first-time Lattice users.

If you would like to avail of this offer, you can do so easily: Just sent an email to, reference Personio, and the team behind Lattice will take care of the rest.


Who do I Contact at Lattice?

The Personio / Lattice integration is self-serviceable for mutual customers. If you are unsure about how to activate your integration, please contact




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